The Best Casino Payment Methods of 2017

Best Casino Payment Methods 2017

Why is that we tend to do balances at the end of the year? Here, at Instant Withdrawals it couldn’t be different so we are making a review with the best casino payment methods 2017, including the most popular banking options of the year. What are the most popular banking methods for online casinos? How to withdraw your winnings fast with no hassle? Gamblers usually have many questions about this and we would like to address it before the year ends.

In the same way that many online casinos launched in 2017, players voted the best options to receive their gambling earnings. Of course, not all them are available in all countries, so I think it’s important to classify them by region. Something to remark is that most of them are not new, but became more relevant during this year.

Best Casino Payment Methods 2017 – USA


In 2017, UpayCard left the USA gambling market and stopped processing casino transactions. This had a great impact in USA players because they don’t have many methods available and they lost one of the few granting fast withdrawals. That’s how Bitcoin became the favourite option, providing higher levels of anonymity and smooth cash outs. It’s true that it is not an easy option to choose. Many users don’t own Bitcoins at all – like me, and buying them involves some risk due to accessibility and volatility.

Bottom line, acquiring the cryptocurrency is easier than ever and if you have the chance to get some, you should. Not only to gamble online but for other reasons as well. Only in 2017 Bitcoin reached record levels and it is said it could even go higher. Of course, I can’t provide investment advice because I’m not an investor, but at least in regards to online gambling in USA, Bitcoin is the best option around.


Giftcards also became more relevant but here we need to add a disclaimer: if you are a highroller and like to bet higher sums, this method is not for you. If you prefer a casual game style, then you should check MST Giftcards that also provide total control of your gambling expenses and a way to keep it low.

This method has some downsides, for example, you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings, limits are low and you need to purchase those giftcards. Due to this, we can rate it as one of the best casino deposit methods for USA players in 2017, but is not suitable for withdrawals.

Bank Wires / Cheques

We wouldn’t recommend them in any other region, but due to the lack of options to withdraw your casino earnings in USA, they are relevant here. Usually, players use an alternative deposit method – credit cards (mainly VISA and American Express) or giftcards and then withdraw their earnings using cheque or bank transfers. These methods are not fast and you need to add your financial details on each gambling site you want to play, but sadly there are no better methods available.

We truly hope the processing options will improve in 2018, but this sounds more like wishful thinking. In the meantime, we stick to what we’ve got.

Methods not available in USA

Many players are looking for USA casinos paying with PayPal, Neteller or Skrill, but sadly these methods are not available in this region. For more information about the best local gambling destinations and processing, visit our dedicated section with Fast Payout Casinos in USA.

Best Casino Payment Methods 2017 – Europe, UK & New Zealand

Wow, here we got so much to say! Players can choose from a plethora of banking options, most of them instantaneous. Bitcoin is also available here but due to regulation, not many casinos offer it. Even without it, you can enjoy fast and secure payouts with e-wallets, electronic transfers, mobile payments, giftcards and more.


This is probably the preferred processing method for European players. It offers instant deposits and withdrawals plus a strong regulated processor that will back you up in case any problem arises. PayPal is so convenient, but may become pricey depending on the sum you are trying to transfer. Still, European casino players feel safe using it and enjoy not only great withdrawal limits, but also avoid adding their financial details to each site they want to gamble at.  You can be sure that if the online casino you chose accepts PayPal, then you arrived to a good place.

Other e-Wallets

Skrill and Neteller are also available to European casino players – including the ones located in UK. These companies provide services to most online casinos and in fact, will be difficult not to find them at the cashier of reputable brands. They are a cheaper option than Paypal and provide instant deposits and fast withdrawals, without the need of adding your financial details at each gambling venue. You can easily fund your e-wallet and transfer your funds to other banking methods. Integration is a big advantage here, allowing you to transfer your funds in many ways, including cryptocurrencies.


Casino players located in Europe can make use of great processing systems that act as an intermediary between your bank account and gambling venues, such as TrustlySofort and Citadel Commerce. They are a great option, carrying lower fees and offering instant processing. In the same way, they allow you to pay and cashout without disclosing your financial details, which is great. Electronic transfers definitely became more relevant in 2017 and positioned as one of the favourite withdrawal methods for European casino players, including the ones located in UK.

Traditional Casino Payment Methods

Of course, most casino players still choose credit cards to make deposits and sometime cashout, but probably this is due to the fact that they are historically known, while other methods are newer and players are not used to them yet. You can also choose bank wires and cheques, but these last options are more suitable when we are talking about higher sums that you need to transfer directly to your bank account excluding additional fees – which are usually higher when we talk about big jackpots.

Pay by Bill – Mobile Payments

Mobile related processing services experienced an amazing growth during 2017. Casual players regularly use Boku, Zimpler, Payforit, Pay by Phone and Siru Mobile offer this type of service, where you can associate your mobile number to a casino of your preference, deposit and pay later with your phone bill. They allow you to strictly control your gambling expenses, imposing tight limits.

Between the downsides of this method, we can mention low deposit limits, no withdrawals and sometimes higher fees. Because of this, Highrollers will probably skip this type of system.


Of course there are many more regional processing methods available, but we are trying to mention the best options globally available to most European players. For specific methods and gambling destinations available to UK players, please visit The best UK casinos with Instant Withdrawals. If you are located somewhere else in Europe, please check our section with the Best Europe online casinos with fast payouts.

Best Casino Payment Methods 2017 – Canada

Canadian players enjoy many instant processing methods – excluding Neteller and PayPal, but the main one is definitely Instadebit, an ewallet that allows for fast and hassle free deposits and withdrawals with really low fees. This method was popular before and continues to be considered the top one when it comes to gambling processing in Canada. For more information about the situation in this region, please read our dedicated section with Fast Payout Casinos in Canada.

Best Casino Payment Methods 2017 – Australia

Due to the dynamism in the Australian gambling market, the situation became quite similar to what is happening in the US market. Sadly, most regulated casino brands and payment methods abandoned the market, leaving players with a bunch of processing options which are not instantaneous. As for deposits, you can use your VISA or MasterCard and for withdrawals, only wire transfers which were explained before. Most e-wallets stopped processing gambling operations as for December 2017.

We will see what 2018 has to offer in terms of gambling modifications in this country and hopefully we will see a return of more casino brands and processing methods.

Bottom Line

More and better payment are available in most regions, except in USA and Australia. E-wallets and electronic transfers are between the best, allowing for instant deposits and withdrawals – which are our focus. If you are choosing a new gambling destination or just researching for better ways to process your payments, try to aim for them. Bitcoin is also a big player here, shining in 2017 like never before, providing higher levels of anonymity and total security. There are many other options available, but mainly available for deposits and not for cash outs.

I would recommend to use a method that allows you to process transactions both ways, so you can keep your gambling activities organized and in one place. The less details you need to provide, the better. This rule will protect you against identity theft cases and save you a lot of time. I can’t even think about having to add my bank details each time I want to get started in a new casino, but sadly that’s necessary in some markets, where there aren’t many processing options available – for example in USA and Australia.

Who are the stars of 2017? Probably Bitcoin and PayPal, for different reasons, but they are the chosen payment methods of most casino players during this year. If you have any questions, you can visit our dedicated sections or get in touch. We are here to help you choosing the fastest and safest casino payment options around. Let’s see what 2018 has to offer. We are ready. Are you ready?

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