Casino Cashback Bonus – (Almost) the best bonuses around

Casino cashback bonuses are offered by some online casinos as a way of rewarding players for their action by paying back a percentage of their losses over a given period of time. The best part about casino cashback, is unlike regular bonuses, these are risk free and should always be used.

Now it might surprise some of you, but majority of welcome and match bonuses are in fact, benefit the house more than the players. We have elaborated on the topic here and here, so just in few words…

Due to the terms attached to these promotions, in most cases you have higher odds caching out without using any bonus. It makes sense since online casinos are not in the habit of losing money, and while they don’t mind losing to any given player and only need to win more than they lose to make a profit, they do need to make sure that these bonuses still give them enough of an edge. So there are always conditions attached to them, such as palytrhough, max bet limits, etc. Not to mention that many of them are in fact non cashable or fantom bonuses.

On the other hand cashback bonuses are a type of free money given to you. Obviously they are not really free since you “had” to lose in order to get it, but since you’ve already lost – it is free cash. They also tend to have much looser terms attached to them. The reason is that they only come into play when the casino is already ahead, so naturally, the terms can be more player-friendly.

A Refund of Losses Is Always Nice

So what ends up happening with casino cashback bonuses is that the house simply refunds a portion of a player’s losses back to them.  They end up being satisfied with a lesser take, lesser profit from a player over this time, although in most cases they are still left with a significant profit.

Players of course are more than happy to get these deals, and no one has ever complained about getting some of their losses returned back to them of course, and this also effectively reduces the house edge on what they like to play, giving them more favorable odds after the fact, which is always a great deal.

So why do online casinos do this?  Well it’s another way of rewarding their preferred players, the ones who are playing at least fairly big.  These are exactly the players that they want coming back for more, and often times, the player will stay on and wager this cashback bonus amount and perhaps some more of their own money as well.

Given that the competition for larger players at online casinos is higher, and casinos make more and much more in fact per bigger player than with smaller ones, they are willing to provide extra rewards to these players to retain their business.

How To Get Cashback Bonuses

How much you need to lose to qualify for cashback bonuses does differ from one casino to the next. In some it has to be a fairly significant amount, the level of play that stands out enough to be seen as deserving of extra rewards like this. In others, just the minimum deposit will do. One of course should be on the lookout for casinos that actually offer cashback deals.

In some cases, cashback bonus deals are offered up front, along with the conditions necessary to qualify, in other words how much you have to lose over what period, and what percentage is refunded to you. Even if this isn’t made known in the open, players may request a cashback bonus if they feel one is deserving, and often times these deals aren’t made known generally and are by request only.

As we see more and more online casinos offering cashback deals, the trend is to have more of them offer this up front, and it’s always better for players that the casino show their hands here rather than leaving it up to either request or negotiation.

Bottom line

Casino cashback bonuses are a great way to compensate for your losses. So if you are frequent at online casinos, this is definitely a factor to consider.