The Gamification Of Online Casinos

Did you hear about Gamification at Online Casinos? Here you can find more about this new feature that will enhance your gambling experience.

Things have slowly and subtly changed in the gaming world. As technology has become cheaper and more readily available, the games, and even the casinos, have changed. You may not have noticed it happening. If you stop for a moment and look back 15 or 20 years, however, you’ll see that today and yesterday look very different from one another.

The games we gamble on and the places where we gamble have evolved significantly in the last few years. One of the most significant changes we’ve seen is something called gamification. Gamification means making everything more like…well…a game.

The two places where gamification is most evident are in video slot machines, both online and off,  and in online casinos. With each passing year, the slots move farther away from the simple act of spinning reels and waiting for a result to becoming more like full-on video games with characters, plots, and even some skill requirements.

The Gamification of Online Casinos

Online casinos themselves have also employed gamification techniques to help attract and retain players, as well as make the player experience better for everyone. The new breed of gamified casinos make the entire casino part of the game. The player isn’t just presented with a list to pick from and sent on his way. He’s involved with other casino patrons, competing and finding new ways to play and win.

If you’ve played at any online casino, you’ve probably run across these gamification techniques without even realising it.

  • Have you ever taken part in a slot tournament?
  • Or have you ever played a game you wouldn’t normally play in order to unlock a bonus?
  • Or perhaps put in a little extra time at a game to earn a new VIP or reward level for the month? These are all forms of gamification.

Most online casino patrons seem to agree these evolving changes make things more exciting and more fun. A solitary game suddenly becomes a competition among tens or hundreds or even thousands of players. Players also have more chances to win prizes and bonuses. For many players, it allows them to enter into jackpot competitions with huge payouts that their bankroll otherwise wouldn’t permit.

The overall effect is that gamification adds more games, and more fun, to gaming. It ultimately gives players more value for the money they spend at their favourite casinos and greater odds of winning prizes. It’s a better experience that, hopefully, will continue to evolve into bigger and better benefits for the players.

The Gamification Of Video Slots

Today’s young adults are from a generation that has never known a life without computers. They grew up in a world where children’s games were already capable of cinematic graphics and three-dimensional adventures. More importantly, they grew up becoming conditioned to play games in a certain way, using a certain logic; complete a task, get a reward, level up, unlock, reach the top.

Quite obviously, traditional slot machines don’t resemble this type of gaming experience — and game developers realised they would need to do something about that. Developers began to look for ways to make video slots more engaging for the players. They started to look for ways to reward players for playing even when they didn’t win money. Graphics got better. Characters began to appear. Mini-games involving choices, and even some skill, started to pop up between spins of the reels.

The results have been very successful. Players, old and new alike, have shown their preference for these new slots that have forgone the bells and whistles in favour of power-ups and unlockable achievements. These types of slots give the players new reasons to come back and play again. With each new release, they more closely mimic the gameplay and the reward system of popular modern video games. The slots have become something they never were before, a competitive game.

Gamification in USA Online Casinos

Here, you won’t find online casinos that allow you to follow a story outside a particular game, like it happens in gambling sites catering to UK and other European players. You will be able to participate in promotions playing certain game or tournaments, but the casino won’t have a theme with characters that you can customize or ask you to complete quests to earn bonuses. So the gamification in USA online casinos happens at the slot games you play, or promotions and events the operator offers.

RIVAL i-slots

Rival is a leading software provider that you can usually find at USA online casinos. What makes them so special? They have been traditionally known as one of the first companies to offer gamification in their slot machines, which start with a videoclip. While you keep playing, you also follow a story and unlock new clips.

Here you have an example of how Rival i-slots look like, with one of their traditional tittles: “As the Reels Turn – Episode I” (There are at least 3 episodes of the series!).

Cinematic Online 3D Slots from Betsoft

Betsoft is a leading casino software provider that you can also find at USA online casinos (this is by far my favourite one!) The games are beautifully made with stunning graphics and special effects. They also offer cinematic online 3D slots with stories that you can follow, like it happens with the SlotsFather – one of their most successful tittles.

Of course you will also find tournaments and events organized by the operator, but I believe that these slots are really something special.

If you liked what you saw and would like to try them out, you can find this type of gamification at Ignition casino, Cafe casino and

Gamification in Australian Online Casinos

While it’s true that finding a good online casino in Australia is not as easy as it used to be, there are still amazing gambling destinations out there. Some of them also offer a complete experience with gamification from A to Z. The difference here is that besides playing slot machines that include cinematic, the platform is also gamified. What does it mean? Basically it means that as soon as you register to the online casino, you will be able to choose a Mascot / toon and customize it to your preferences, participate in additional events, compete and interact with other players, earning even more bonuses.

Aussie players have nothing to envy their European counterparts. Australian Online casinos such as Gunsbet, Loki and Golden Star are 100% gamified, offer ultra fast payouts and a solid game library, including live dealer. On top of that, casino operators also offer events and tournaments, so you will have access to three types of gamification.

Play ‘n Go Cinematic Slots

Play ‘n Go is a casino software company that caters to players around the globe, including Australia. Here you will also find slots with cinematics and gamification, like Viking Runecraft (between others):

Gamification in UK and other European Online Casinos

Here you will also find different types of gamification, like it happens with Australian casinos. Due to the fact that there are more licensed casinos available, the chances are you will also find more gamified sites, games and events. Most UK online casinos are fully gamified.

Most software providers catering to European players have 3D games and cinematics, like Microgaming, NetEnt, the previously mentioned Play ‘n Go and others.

Microgaming Community Slots

Microgaming is a leading casino software provider that offers different types of gamification in their online slots. Did you know you can play video slots against other players? Check this out! Avalon Multi-player community slot:

NetEnt Cinematic Slots with 3D Sound

Honestly, it can’t get better than this. NetEnt is another casino software giant – the best in my opinion – that offers amazing slot machines with cinematics and 3D sound. What? Check this out. It’s not a game itself, but an amazing feature offering the highest sound quality for an immersive game-play:

These are just some examples of what you can find at gamified online casinos. Online slots are not what they used to be… thanks God!

There are many European friendly online casinos using gamification, but my favourites are PlayOJO, SlotsMillion and Highroller casino.

Bottom Line

Gamification is an effective technique to boost audience engagement by adding gaming features. As you saw, there are many types and not all of them are available in all markets:

  • Visual Rewards.
  • Progression Systems – Leveling Up.
  • Customized Mascots / Toons.
  • Mini Games – slots and casino platform.
  • Stories / Special Effects.

Australian and European players have access to online casinos offering all these features, while Americans have limited options. For example, USA casino platforms are not gamified, but offer slot machines with clips and operators also publish events / tournaments to increase player’s engagement and loyalty.

As you can see, I love casino gamification and I find it refreshing… because sometimes I get tired of playing slots and I’m still able to play other games and interact with more players. That’s a big advantage for people who play from home and may crave for some human interaction, aside from live games.

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