Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are on the raise! Thanks to trustworthy security protocols, small fees and user anonymity, Bitcoin or the BTC is rocking the casino world.

It has been picked up by many famous brands and it is now probably the best payment option at USA online casinos.

There are two types of Bitcoin Casinos: the ones purely based on Cryptocurrencies and a second group that simply integrated Bitcoin as an additional payment method to their existing processing system. We will review the latter, since we understand that offer more options to players.

An additional reason to go for the Bitcoin casino method, is that UPayCard stopped processing gambling transactions in October 2017. Now players are left with less options to receive their casino withdrawals in the same day.

On the downside, as it happens with other payment methods, not all Bitcoin casinos (or BTC casinos) are safe nor reliable. In case you are curious in finding out more about the famous crypto-currency and about reputable casinos that support it, stick with us while we elaborate on the use of this terrific modern invention.

There’s a specific category of online casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies: not only BTC but also others. We call those venues Crypto casinos and although they are not as popular as regular casinos, you can still find reputable brands out there. If you want to know more about them, you can visit our dedicated section with crypto 

Introduction to Bitcoin

Ever since it was developed some years back, the Bitcoin concept received an immense amount of attention. In a short period of time it became an extremely popular payment tool.

For some people it may still be hard to comprehend.

You can pay for something in currency that is nonexistent in the real world, but you better believe it! It works and it is being used across the virtual world by a large number of active customers as you’re reading through these lines.

What is Bitcoin?

Basically, Bitcoin is a digital currency that you can purchase. It offers higher levels of anonymity while transactions are almost instant, taking just a couple of minutes to be completed.

It’s value is set by the public that accept it and use it and no central entity regulates it. Therefore, only offer and demand influence the price. This also means that its value can fluctuate significantly in the same day.

The Bitcoin has no attachments to a central bank of any kind, and the currency circulates from peer to peer, that is from user to user with appropriate Bitcoin addresses.

First steps with Bitcoin

First thing’s first – to be able to use Bitcoins you have to obtain a Bitcoin wallet. As is the currency, the wallet is also a virtual object, and it could be lost if not previously backed up. For this reason, chose your wallet carefully among the three types available:

  • Online Bitcoin wallet: stored in the cloud servers hosted by a third party.
  • Software wallets: stored at your computer. You will need to back them up manually.
  • Hardware wallets: usually available in a form of a USB device that also has to be backed up manually, but is surely more secure than the other two versions.

The next step would be to purchase Bitcoins, but make sure you do it from a reputable seller. You can buy the digital currency in a so called “Exchange”. To avoid uncertainty, I recommend to go for the exchanges listed at the Bitcoin official website. That should keep you on the safe side.

If you want to use them in the real world you would have to sell them for actual, physical money at an exchange service. Bear in mind that Bitcoin values oscillate.

Bitcoin Casino – How to use

Gambling with Bitcoins might sound a little intimidating to some players who are not familiar with the digital currency. It is something relatively new, but it got much better in recent years. Anyone can do it, really.

You can purchase them in many safe sites and use them to play at your favourite online casino. They make it easier to wager and collect your winnings. There are many advantages of using the Bitcoin casino method, but we will get to it later on.

Once you got the cryptocurrency, playing at a Bitcoin casino is as easy as playing at a regular one. You will find the option in the cashier, like any other method available.

When you register at a casino that operates through Bitcoin transactions you’ll obtain a Bitcoin address of your own to use. The deposit to a casino account is instantaneous, only it needs to be confirmed by the block chain, which might require some time, but we’re still talking minutes.

Get Instant Withdrawals at Bitcoin Casinos

Your winnings can, in fact, be withdrawn in Bitcoin almost instantly. The cashing out process might take a bit longer than the deposit, due to various checks and verifications the casino is obligated to perform manually. You’re free to keep BTC in your e-wallet, of course.

The process is simple and takes just a couple of minutes. Basically you need to go to the cashier and select Bitcoin as your option to receive your earnings. If you are playing at any Bitcoin casino recommended on our website, you should receive your funds within the same hour.

Bitcoin Casinos U.S

There’s a special case that we should consider. That’s the current situation in the U.S gambling market. As you know, it is really difficult to find a fast payment method to receive your earnings. Even depositing sometimes becomes a problem when your credit card gets declined.

As of October 2017, we received bad news about UPayCard also abandoning the market. If you want more information about this, you can check our latest post: No more UPayCard USA Casinos.

Bitcoin is becoming more and more relevant as we speak. I would say that is pretty much the only option for instant withdrawals, except for Rapid Transfer, which is only available at Bovada Casinos.

If you are looking for fast withdrawals in a USA online casino, go for Bitcoin Casinos. They are fast, reliable and secure. Bitcoin provides for higher levels of anonymity and a greater gaming experience for USA players. Buying the digital currency is not as difficult as it used to be, so anyone can access them.

Bitcoin Casino Australia

While is not the same situation than in the U.S, Aussie players also see their banking options limited when looking for fast payout casinos in Australia. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies pretty much appear as the only way to get your casino earnings within a couple of minutes or in the same day. You can also opt for VISA withdrawals, but they may take a couple of days.

Is easier than ever to purchase / convert / sell cryptos at moment. They became so popular that now you have them integrated into different payment providers, such as the most popular e-wallets, crypto platforms connected to traditional banking and so on… so don’t be afraid to get BTC. By the way, it also seems an interesting option to regular investment. So, why not?

Bitcoin Bonuses and Casino Games

Some brands offer a special Bitcoin casino deposit bonus which can duplicate your deposits. Due to increasing popularity between casino players, more brands are willing to offer better promotions catering to Bitcoin fans.

You can find a variety of Bitcoin promotions, which include of course the first deposit o welcome bonus, reload bonuses and cash back. You can be sure that this offer will get better with some time.

Just remember that Terms and Conditions may vary from brand to brand, so you should definitely check them. I personally know about some cases of Bitcoin bonus expiration.

There’s an exciting choice of Bitcoin casino games. Basically you can play everything you were used to, just by wagering with your Bitcoins. From classic table games to online slots machines. Video-poker and Live dealer. Nothing changes here and you still have access to your favourite casino games, while playing with your Bitcoins.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin in Casinos 

When you look at traditional banking methods such as wire transfers or credit cards they are simply not fast enough. Payment processing with Bitcoin is easy and takes on traditional banking any time.

In addition, the anonymity is guaranteed while paying in crypto-currency, which is extremely important for moving money around the web and protecting your personal data. Furthermore, fees are usually absent during Bitcoin transactions, or substantially smaller compared with other payment methods.

As for security, BTC relies on acclaimed and advanced safety protocols, which results in an altogether stabilized virtual currency. Given that they are not able to use most other popular casino banking methods, USA customers see Bitcoin as the best payment solution for purposes of online casino gaming. That’s actually the only method that allow instant withdrawals in the US market.

Disadvantages of Playing at Bitcoin Casinos 

The problem with BTC in the realm of online gambling comes down to a restrictive choice of casinos.

For an ambitious casino player, there are never enough casinos available, and the number reduces if the player wishes to spend some Bitcoins. Moreover, the whole Bitcoin ordeal is fresh and innovative but it can be complex at some point.

There are various requirements to be met in order to be able to access casino games, and the process can sometimes be overwhelming – from exchanging real money for BTC money, obtaining an e-wallet for storage, than having to exchange them back to physical currency.

Finally, Bitcoin is not regulated by any government body, yet. In many ways this is beneficial for the customers, it contributes to the low fees and the anonymity characteristics, but your Bitcoin balance might go through risk if the casino you’re using it for does.


Being new and advanced paying method, Bitcoin is a message from the future. Things develop fast these days, so casino players should keep up as everybody else.

The vastly popular crypto-currency has many positive aspects to it, and a few weaknesses, but don’t be afraid to explore your possibilities with it.

You can use it for different online activities, but as long as casino websites are being taken into consideration, we’ve compiled a list of best ones that are also Bitcoin-friendly. Hope you find it helpful and good luck!

Bitcoin Casino FAQ

What are the best Bitcoin casinos?

This will depend on the region you are located. For example, there are many USA friendly online casinos accepting Bitcoin, as well as operators catering to Australian players and so on. Overall, you can find the following brands which accept players from all over the world, with some restrictions:
1. Fortune Jack casino.
2. Bitstarz casino.
Visit our Bitcoin casino page for alternatives available to players from your country.

Are Bitcoin casinos legal?

The legality of these venues is determined by the laws of the country you are playing from, so you will be able to check in the casino terms if they accept players from your jurisdiction – or not. All in all, bitcoin casinos are considered legal.

Can I trust any Bitcoin casino?

Definitely not. There are many rogue casinos offering Bitcoin banking, and FIAT currency banking.
It’s important to do your homework right and stick to reputable casino sites or, visit casinos that we list at – since we tested them all.

Can I earn free bitcoins?

Bitcoin casinos offer welcome promotions which include extra bitcoins. This doesn’t mean you get them for free: like in any promotion, you need to wager and fulfill the bonus terms. Check the casino T&Cs and ask the finance team if you have any doubt.

Can I get a no deposit casino bonus with Bitcoin?

Yes. You can get a no deposit bonus in a BTC casino, but in form of free money or free spins. No deposit casinos will require a real money deposit in order for you to withdraw your bonus earnings. As usual, you will need to complete wagering requirements first.

What type of bonus can I get with Bitcoin?

You can get BTC bonuses when you make a deposit using the same currency. For example, you could get up to 2 BTC and extra spins with your first deposit, depending on the casino brand you choose.
There are also special slots only available with BTC (crypto slots) and other promos for cryptocurrency owners.

What are the benefits of gambling with Bitcoin?

The major benefit is to surpass region limitations when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals at gambling venues. In some countries like USA and Australia, players have few banking options, and the ones available are very restrictive. For example, withdrawals may take weeks and have low limits. So Bitcoin allows for the fastest withdrawals and also, lower fees with the best withdrawal limits. Also, you can keep certain anonymity which sounds attractive to many players around the globe.

What are the disadvantages of using Bitcoin to play at online casinos?

The major disadvantage is currency volatility. Also, there are a lot of players who don’t know how and where to acquire cryptocurrencies safely, so they prefer to stay out from the crypto world.

Why BTC casinos pay fast?

Due to the technical side of cryptocurrencies, is really easy to transfer money on the internet in a matter of seconds, with very low fees. So reputable online casinos take advantage of this technology and use it on the benefit of players, to make lighting fast deposit and withdrawals.