Multi Platform Casinos

Multi Software Casinos

In the begging and pretty much until 2007-2008, each casino was running on a single software provider: Microgaming, Playtech, etc. Of course, plenty has changed in recent years and multi platform casinos are the most popular choice these days.

However, the fact that they are more popular doesn’t mean that they are the best choice for all players. Multi software casinos do have their drawbacks, and it’s important to understand them so you could choose the type that suites you best.

Single Platform Casinos – the Origins of Online Gambling

There are many reasons why the first online casinos where running on a single software, but the main is simple: technology. Each software had its own code and to integrate them into one product was simply impossible. On top of that, due to low internet speed, first casinos where available only through downloading the software, which made the integration even more difficult.

With rapid improvement in internet accessibility and band width, online gambling moved towards in-browser play, so called instant play casinos. The moment there is no need to integrate the games into one downloadable package, it was relatively easy to stream games from various software providers on the same site. Of course, it does demand some adjustments, for example for the cashier to work and so on, but nothing too complicated.

Multi software casinos sound like the perfect solution. Why not to have all the available games in one site. There is no harm in that. Apparently, it’s not completely true. Here are the pros and cons of multi platform casinos.

The Advantages of of Multi Software Casinos

This part is pretty clear – you can enjoy a wider variety of games in one place. No matter how many games a certain provider has, due to the fact that they are developed by the same people usually means that they have a specific flavor. RTG casinos – if you played few of their slots, you can easily recognize the rest. Even if they have a different theme and layout. Casino which offers games by multiple provider solves this problem and offers wider variety of games suitable for each taste.

Second, not all game developers have their own full casino solution. What it means is that they cannot offer a fully integrated casino based on their games. They just don’t do that. IGT for example. IGT entered the online world relatively late and they haven’t developed their own casino package, like Microgaming for instance. They just offer the games and it’s up to the casino itself to add them to their casino. So there is no strictly IGT casino. If you wish to play Cleopatra slot for example, you must choose a multi software casino which has this game.

The Drawbacks

Instant Play only

That’s not a bit problem, since with current internet speed instant play casinos are very stable and comfortable. The only exception is if you have low internet connection and then you should opt-in for one of the downloadable casinos.

Many games are not available:

However, the previous paragraph leads to a bigger problem. Many of the games, including some popular titles, won’t be available. There are two reasons for that.

  1. First, many games are available only in download casinos. The reason for that is that since originally all casinos where downloadable, the games where developed in download version only. As Instant Play and of course mobile casinos grew in popularity, the companies started to convert their games to flash or HTML 5 versions. But the list was too long and there are plenty games that can be played only through download and therefore not available on Multi Platform casinos.
  2. The second reason is that each casino has its own contract with the game provider. For example, casino A can “buy” 80 NetEnt games, while the other only 20. It’s a matter of their business decision and of course the cash flow, but the fact is that the variety of games can change from one site to the next.

Bottom Line

If you like to mix things up and your internet connection is reasonable – multi platform casino is definitely the best choice. Same goes for Mobile casino fans.

if you like games by a specific provider and wish to have access to all of them – single software casino would be the wise choice. And of course, if your internet connection is slow – you should stick to download casinos as well.