Big Casino Bonus – Casinos with Highest Bonuses %

Boost your Bankroll with the Biggest Bonuses for New Players

There are two types of big casino bonuses.

  • The first one is where you get the highest possible amount, but not necessarily the highest % on your deposit.
  • The second one where you get the highest multiplier of your deposit. For example:

Bonus A: 100% up to $10,000 – here you will need to deposit $10,000 to get the maximum bonus.

Bonus B: 500% up to $5,000 – here, even if you are not a high roller and wish to deposit just $100-$200, you will still get a huge balance to play with.

Assuming that most of our visitors are not high roller casino players, we will focus on option B – the ones that will give you the maximum play time for the lowest deposit amount.

Before you move on, one important thing to notice: ” Big Casino Bonus” is not equal to best casino bonus. It very much depends on the terms attached and your individual preferences. If you are looking for the longest playtime – then those are indeed the best promos to use. However, if you are looking for the best winning odds, then you should focus on cashable casino bonuses. It’s completely up to you and if you are not sure, please see further details below.

⭐ Biggest Casino Bonus in USA for 2024

In the U.S gambling market, you can find variety of new player promotions. As usual, we prioritize cashable bonuses on top of any other offer. This is because you can cash that money and not just play with it.

One thing to notice is: the higher the bonus percentage is, the higher the probabilities that this promotion is non cashable.

  • Cafe Casino
    Bonus Offer 350% up to $2,500
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States
    Withdrawal Speed
    • E-wallets: N/A.
    • Crypto: 24 hours.
    • Credit Cards: N/A.
    • Wire: 5-10 days.
    Cashout Limits $10 – unlimited with BTC
    Available Payment Methods
    • +2
    • BTC: 24hs payouts.
    • BTC: no limit.
    • $15,000 Player Transfer.
    • Cashable bonuses.
  • Casino Extreme
    Bonus Offer Up to $5,000 + $50 NDB
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States
  • Ignition
    Bonus Offer Up to $3,000
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States
  • CasinoMax
    Bonus Offer Up to $9,750
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States
  • Yabby Casino
    Bonus Offer 999% Bonus + $100 NDB
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States

πŸ‘ Advantages of Big Bonus Casinos

  • Big bonuses are perfect for casual players. Those of you looking for the longest play time for the lowest price. Since the bonus % is high, even a small deposit can β€œbuy” you lots of playing time.
  • Another advantage is the ability to play with higher bets. For example the minimum bet at some slots or blackjack tables is $1, $2 or even $10. Playing those with small deposits is practically impossible since it can burn your balance within seconds. Getting 300%, 400%, 500% bonus will give you sufficient balance to play them.
  • Progressive/very high variance slots: these bonuses are also beneficial for progressive slots fans. With progressives, you are after one, big lifechanging jackpot, so you are less worried about higher wagering requirements. If you hit that $1,000,000+ jackpot, completing the playthrough won’t be a problem. If that’s what you are after, please make sure to avoid any bonuses with Max Cashout rule (see below).

πŸ‘Ž Disadvantages of Big Bonuses

Nothing comes for free, so you should be aware of the drawbacks of high casino promotions.

  1. Big bonuses come with high playthrough requirements (WR). The playthrough on 100% can be as low as 15 times bonus plus deposit; for 500% promo 30 times and even 40 times is the standard.
  2. Max cashout: many high percentage bonuses come with Max Cashout rule. For example, x10 times the deposit or something of that sort. Personally, I try to avoid those, but I know that many casual players don’t mind that. My recommendation is that if you do redeem a bonus with Max Cashout, stick to usual, low/medium volatility slots and avoid all progressives. There is nothing more frustrating than hitting 6-digit jackpot, only to discover that you can withdraw just $10,000.
  3. Sticky vs. Cashable: big casino bonuses are usually sticky (phantom). Meaning the bonus money is just for wagering purposes and cannot be withdrawn. There are some exceptions, such as CafΓ© casino bonus which is cashable, but that’s more of an exception than the rule.
  4. Most important: the are many low level and even fraud casinos that use high bonuses as a tool to attract players. There is no inherent risk in using high bonuses, but you should do that only at reputable and trustworthy online casinos.

πŸ–ŠοΈ Bottom Line

High casino bonus is a great tool to increase your playtime with lower budget and lower risk. Their main disadvantage is higher wagering requirements that lower your winning odds. So it’s up to you to decide what is the best casino bonus for you: high % bonus or the ones with no wagering or low playthrough.