Instant Withdrawal Casinos USA

Instant Withdrawal Casinos USA

Are you looking for the best USA Online Casinos? bare with us and gain invaluable insights about the US friendly casino scene!

We hope that will benefit all players worldwide but it will definitely be of greatest value to US casino players.

The situation on US online casino market is quite unique. First, it’s pretty much the least organized & legislated, with an exception of few states such as NJ, Nevada and Delaware. However, despite that, when it comes to online gambling it’s the biggest and most lucrative market in the world.

As usual, this type of situation attracts many “quick buck” chasers which try to exploit the situation.

Now, that doesn’t mean that US players cannot enjoy dozens of trustworthy and reputable casino sites to play at, but they do need to be much more careful and precise at the choice they make. And that’s exactly where enters.

Best Instant Withdrawal USA Casinos for 2019

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Top USA online casinos with fastest deposits and withdrawals




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100% up to $1,000

Speed: 48 hours
Limits: $20 – $9,500
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300% up to $3,000 (x3)

Speed: 2 – 3 days
Limits: $200 – $4,000
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Cafe casino

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500% up to $5,000

Speed: 48 hours
Limits: $20 – $3,000
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Slots LV Casino

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Speed: 48 hours
Limits: $20 – $3,000
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Vegas Crest Casino
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Speed: 72 hours
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Good News for USA casino players

Here is the good news: things are really not as complicated as they might seem. There is one single factor which indicates the level of trustworthiness and fairness of online casino and that is how fast they pay their players. That’s it. We explained this in depth on our about us page, but here are the main points.

  • Stability: Fast withdrawals indicate financial stability of the casino. Obviously, we refer only to the ones that been paying fast day by day, month by month, year by year.
  • Superb Support: handling the withdrawals demands a lot of work and dedication. Casinos that manage to do that need to have strong and highly trained support.
  • Professionalism: the immediate sign of low level / unprofessional business is how they handle their payouts. In most cases, casinos, or any other business for that matter, place more focus on how to get the money in and neglect the other departments. On the other hand, when they do it right – it usually means that the rest is also top notch.
  • Long Term Agenda: Last, fast payouts indicate that those are not the guys that are after some easy money. They are here for the long term. Therefore, they will offer the best product, settle every dispute and answer every question to keep their name perfectly clean.

Is it Legal to Gamble in Online Casinos in the US?

As we’ve mentioned before, US casino market is currently in the transitory stage, which generates a lot of confusion for the players. The most frequently mentioned and misunderstood term against gambling online is UIGEA, The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which passed in 2006.

However, the UIGEA is not about US citizens playing online, but about processing illegal gambling funds. Therefore, many publicly traded companies left the US market – 888, Microgaming, Playtech and so forth.

Currently according to the Department of Justice, the only illegal aspect of online gambling is sports betting, while all the rest is determined according to state laws.

Legality of USA Online Casinos per State

The States of US can be split to three categories when it comes to online casinos:

  1. Offered licenses to small group of operators. Those are New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware.
  2. Prohibit online gambling: Washington.
  3. All the rest do not have any state laws prohibiting online gambling.

Many States from the third group are in the process of legalizing gambling and we hope that within few years most US citizens will be able to enjoy a fully regulated gambling market.

Withdrawal Methods for USA Players

One of the factors which determines how fast you will receive your winnings is the banking method you use. Obviously, it’s not the only factor. Some casino can process your wire within few hours while for the other it might take 2 weeks to click “Send”. In the list below we are referring to the speed of the method itself.

Rapid Transfer

Unique method to the Bovada casino group: Slots LV, Ignition and Café casino. Similar to wire transfer just faster and executed within 24h.


Simple and safe online wallet which US players can use for deposits and withdrawals. The main advantages are that first, your confidential banking info is kept safe in one place. Second, unlike wires or checks that take time, UPayCard is instantaneous.

The main drawback is that there are only few USA online casinos that work with this method. We expect the number to grow promptly, but at the moment there are two (reputable) casinos with UPayCard withdrawals and deposits.

Please notice that as with all online wallets, you need to make at least one deposit with UPayCard to be able to use it for withdrawals. That’s a common security method that should keep the casino and your account safe.

Bank Wires

Probably the most common way to transfer funds. The wire itself usually takes 1-3 days to hit your account. In some cases you need make sure that your account is open for international transactions.


The advantage is that there is hard to find any online casino that doesn’t offer payment by check. The big drawback is that it takes long. We mean really long. The timeframe varies from one gambling site to the next, but on average it takes 1-2 weeks to get your winnings.


When it comes to US gambling industry, 2016 – 2018 can be called the year of the BitCoin. It became widely adopted by most casino sites for its simplicity and security. Bitcoin is pretty much the fastest of all the methods we mentioned here and usually has the highest withdrawal limits. For example, in many casinos the maximum amount per withdrawal by check or wire will stand on $2,000-$4,000, while with Bitcoin you will be able to get $10,000 and higher.

The drawback is that it takes time to get used and the natural fear we have from “new” things. If you can bypass that this is the most recommended banking method for US online casino players. Here you can find a list of USA Bitcoin casinos with instant withdrawals.