Instant Withdrawal Casinos for 2021

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We live in the Era of Information and endless options. No matter what decision you need to make: which restaurant to go to; which baby stroller to buy or which online casino to play—the task is almost impossible. There are so many options to choose from—each with its own web of information, reviews, feedback and opinions—that it makes you wish you could go back to the good old times when you just got the stroller from your older brother or had just a few local casinos to choose from.

When it comes to online casinos, though, things don’t need to be so complicated. And that’s our goal here at We’re here to make things simple again. We simply want you to enjoy online slots, blackjack, video poker and all of your favourite games in a safe and worry-free environment. Sorry, we can’t help you with the strollers

All you need to do is pick one of the instant withdrawal casinos that are available where you live and you’re good to go. It really is that simple. If you have more precise preferences, such as certain casino software or a specific banking method, all you’ll need to do is narrow your search to the sites that offer what you are looking for and pick the ones that offer the fastest withdrawals. It doesn’t matter which site you ultimately choose. You won’t have anything to worry about because you’ll be playing in one of the most reputable, trustworthy, and professional casinos available.

Why is that? We will explain below. Meanwhile, here are the best online casinos with fastest payouts.

So How Quick Can You Receive Your Winnings?

Now, let’s get to the interesting part. So how long is “Instant”?

In general, when we say instant, we mean the same day or within 24 hours tops, but it varies according to the country you live in.

The main split is between the United States & Australia and the rest of the world. In the U.S. & Aussie markets, the situation is a bit more complicated and many instant payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are not available. There are still casinos and payment methods that will allow you to get your winnings within 24 hours, but the number is quite limited and they are not easy to find.

On the contrary, if you are from the UK, Canada, Europe—and other main markets—you can enjoy a wide range of instant withdrawal casinos. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t really mean that every casino will pay you within 24h. That’s far from true, but in general, there are more casino sites and banking methods to choose from.

We’ve Tested and Listed the Fastest Payout Casinos in Your Region

Why Is Withdrawal Speed The Most Important Factor?

So why are instant withdrawals so important? It’s not just about going on a shopping spree a few days earlier (which is also nice). The thing is that the speed of withdrawals gives us objective information about the most crucial aspects of online casinos, such as trustworthiness, fairness, customer support and so on.

Before we start, there are two things that we need to mention:

  • First, when we speak about withdrawal speed, we are not referring to the time frames listed on the casino site. Those can be quite meaningless. Some casinos state that they will pay within 72 hours and always pay within 24. Others state that they pay within 7 days, while in reality it can take 2-3 weeks for you to receive your winnings. Therefore, the time frames we list here are based on our own test experience and audience feedback.
  • Second, as they say, “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day”. It’s not enough for the casino to pay fast for a month or even for a year. It needs to happen consistently over at least a few years of operation. Therefore, we only list casinos that have been online for at least 4-5 years or are operated by companies that have been online for that amount of time.

For example we listed the Ignition casino which has been live for some years but the company behind it has been operating online gambling sites for almost 20 years.

Now, let’s get back to the topic of why this single factor is so important:

1️⃣ Financial Strength and Stability

That’s pretty much the most important aspect of every business. Cash flow and deep pockets are a big part of determining the stability of the company. Payout speed is the best way to see that they have both. What’s important to understand is that in order to pay fast, the casino has to keep huge amounts of cash. Some of them offer 20, 30 or 40 different payment methods. In order to allow instant withdrawals, they need to keep a significant balance in almost all of them. On top of that, winnings can vary tremendously from day to day, so they need to be able to make 6 and sometimes 7 digit payments within hours.

2️⃣ Superb customer support

The level of quality that you can expect from a company is determined by its weakest link. For example, think about the time that it took you just one minute to reach the salesperson of your mobile carrier to buy something, and then it took a few days to get a refund due to the mistake they made. That’s just how it goes. Many companies invest everything they can in bringing the money in and neglect – sometimes intentionally – the departments that are in charge of the outflow. The casino must have a large and highly trained team to offer instant withdrawals. When they do, it means that their general customer support is even better. They will be highly responsive, professional and knowledgeable.

3️⃣ Fairness

Slow payments are one of the signs of low level / fraud casinos. It’s important to understand the reasons behind slow payments. In many cases, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the funds to pay. It goes much deeper. They know that many players won’t have the willpower to resist taking a few additional spins or playing a few more hands of blackjack. They hope that if they hold your winnings long enough, you will eventually lose patience and lose everything back to the house before the withdrawal goes through. In our opinion, that’s as low as you can go and those establishments should be avoided.

4️⃣ Long term point of view

This part pretty much sums everything up. As you saw above, instant withdrawals are quite costly. They demand way more personnel, more training, higher expenses, deeper pockets and so on. So why do they do that? They are looking at the long term. They’re hoping that you will enjoy your experience and make their casino your permanent gambling destination—and maybe even recommend it to your friends. They expect their brand name to become synonymous with quality and fairness and attract more and more customers. The only way to do that is to offer an experience that is close to perfection. They know that a single mistake can ruin a name that took years to build.

5️⃣ Cash-flow in and out

Operators that have a good cash flow are able to pay fast, keep a knowledgeable team, and also work with the best software providers. This means that you can find almost any game you can think of including hundreds of slot machines, a variety of table games, and live dealers.

What Affects Casino Withdrawal Times?

When trying to minimize withdrawal times, there are certain things inherent to the casino operation that you need to pay attention to:

Does the casino process withdrawals 24/7?

Yes should be your answer. Even if the payment method is not available 24/7, the financial team should be there to take your request and process it asap. If they take deposits, why shouldn’t they handle the withdrawals?

Extensive verification process?

All casinos have a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure that you should complete before trying to make your first withdrawal. Otherwise, you could end up compromising your cash-out with extra steps that you didn’t complete before. On the other hand, if the casino asks for all kinds of ridiculous verifications, you should be suspicious. In that case, finish your pending withdrawal and jump to the next venue. Regular documents requested by reputable online casinos are:

  • Personal details.
  • ID, passport, driver’s license.
  • Utility bill/proof of address.
  • Bank Statement (not older than 3 months) or a picture of your credit card (front/back).

Are There Long pending periods?

All online casinos take a period of time to review withdrawals and see how the player won the money. It usually takes from a couple of minutes up to several days, but when this period involves more than one day you should think about skipping the casino. Why? Because it means the management is trying to get you frustrated enough to cancel the withdrawal. There’s no reason to take more than one business day to verify account activity.

Are Instant withdrawals only for VIP Players?

No should be the answer. Solid casino operations are able to offer a smooth banking experience to everybody, not just the ones that deposit more. So when we are talking about fastest payout casinos, we really mean it. If your chosen gambling site asks you for more money to process your withdrawals faster, just jump to the next venue.

Jackpots are Heaven and Hell – Depending on Where you Play

If you are lucky enough to win a jackpot – and I really hope you are – you should expect some delay on payments. That doesn’t mean the casino has the right to withhold any and all your cash-out requests, but you can expect the brand to pay that jackpot in instalments each month. Ridiculously long delays or small instalment amounts are another reason to find a new place to play. This is one of the reasons we so strongly encourage players to read the casino terms and conditions before they play. Once you show up at the ball, you will have to dance. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Low withdrawal limits?

That’s a straightforward no. If your chosen online casino only offers low withdrawal limits, just skip to the next one. Low limits should signal many red flags in your head. They are a big sign of questionable operators that don’t have enough money to cover all of their bets. You should also check the minimum withdrawal amount: Is it too high for you? Most online casinos allow you to withdraw from $/€/£ 10 – 20, but there are some venues that ask for higher minimums. There are also some payment methods that require higher sums—and they may be the only ones available in your region—so make sure to check this before getting started.

What are the Fastest Withdrawal Methods?

There are two factors which determine how fast you will be able to cash out your winnings:

  • The processing speed of the casino when you make a cashout request. This means the time taken by the casino personnel to check your account and send your winnings.
  • The payment method’s inherent speed. This means the time it takes for the funds to reach your account.

Until now we’ve discussed the first part; now let’s focus on the second.

As you know, there are hundreds of deposit & withdrawal methods available online: from the most popular credit cards, to some “specific currency + market-focused” e-wallet, that hardly anybody uses. Each one of them has its own “inherent” speed.

For example, it takes milliseconds from the moment casino personnel click send from their PayPal account till the money hits yours (you’ve probably noticed this while making a purchase on Ebay or Amazon). On the other hand, if you choose to receive your winnings by check, even if they send it to you within seconds from the time you make your request, it will still take several days for the check to reach you.

So, as we said, each method has its own pace, method of operation, costs, etc. It’s highly recommended that you do some research and find the one most suitable for your needs. To help you with that, we will split them into groups according to their speed and costs.

🕐 Instant: e-Wallets

Deposits: instant.
Withdrawals: 1 – 4 hours.
Fees: FREE.

PayPal is the most well-known representative of this group. If it’s available in your geographic location, mainly the UK and Europe, then you should definitely pick a PayPal Casino. If not, you still have plenty of options to choose from. There are plenty of Skrill and Neteller online casinos which suit almost all players worldwide. Citizens of the USA have no e-wallet services available to process gambling transactions in their market.
E-Wallet methods are super-fast and in most cases carry the lowest fees.

🕐 Instant: e-Transfers

Deposits: instant.
Withdrawals: 1 – 4 hours.
Fees: FREE.

There is a relatively new type of payment processor that acts as a mediator between your bank account and the merchant—in this case, your favourite online casino. It allows for instant deposits and withdrawals without disclosing your financial information, which is good for you. Also, fees are significantly lower than with other payment methods. Depending on where you are located, you may have access to the services of one or more of these companies.

  • Trustly e-transfers: This is by far the most popular name when talking about e-transfers. It is only available in a few countries, most of them located in Europe (UK and Northern Europe). You can find the innovative Pay’N Play system which powers the new “no registration casinos”.
  • Interac / Instadebit: They cater mainly to Canadian players. So, if you are located there, you should take advantage of these great solutions. To be honest, most of the processors will accept Canadian casino players, so you can shop for the one you like.

🕐 Instant: Bitcoin + other altcoins

Deposits: instant.
Withdrawals: within minutes.
Fees: FREE.

We could add it to the first group, but we felt it warrants a category of its own. You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin in the news over the past few years, but unless you’ve tried it, it’s pretty hard to explain how it works (we will do that on a separate page). However, you should know that Bitcoin transactions are very fast (a few minutes) and very cheap.

During the past 2-3 years, online casinos have widely adopted this currency, specifically in the US and Australia. There are many Bitcoin casinos to choose from. You can also find the most popular crypto online casinos, where you can gamble with a variety of altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge and many more.

There are other options that you can find on our website. We always list the main countries where the service is available, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding the right option for you. For additional information, you can always visit the casino’s website or contact their support team.

🕙 Pretty Fast: Credit Cards

Deposits: instant.
Withdrawals: 1 – 5 days.
Fees: FREE.

These don’t need any further introduction. They are perfect for funding your casino account, but as a withdrawal method, they are slower than e-wallets. The fastest VISA casino withdrawal we’ve seen took a few hours, but the common time frames at reputable online casinos are 1-5 days.

⏰ Slow: Bank Wire

Deposits: usually not accepted.
Withdrawals: 1 – 3 business days.
Fees: $/€/£ 35 / 50.

One of the most commonly used methods in the past which lost its popularity due to slow speed and high costs. Wire usually takes 24-72 hours to hit your account, not including weekend and holidays. This is also one of the costliest methods. Fees can reach as much as $50 and higher and they usually require higher minimum amounts to be transferred.

⏰ Very Slow: Check

Deposits: usually not accepted.
Withdrawals: 7 – 14 days.
Fees: $/€/£ 35 / 50.

Surprisingly these are still in use. Not for long we assume. It’s hard to speak about specific time frames because they vary widely, but 1-2 weeks would be a fair assumption.

Fast Payouts and Casino Bonuses

All online casinos offer bonus opportunities but not all of them will be good for you. Of course, this will depend on your game style but here we are talking about casinos that offer the quickest payouts. So casino bonuses that have unfriendly terms will definitely delay your withdrawals and this is not what we want.

You should also take into consideration the fact that these bonuses usually won’t be available if you choose Skrill or Neteller. So, as usual, read the terms and conditions before engaging in any promotion offered by the venue.

Here at Instant Withdrawals, you will find several sections with a smart selection of bonuses that won’t negatively impact your withdrawals. I would suggest going for the lowest wagering requirement bonuses or cashable bonuses to get started.


Which online casino has the fastest withdrawal times?

According to our tests, these are the top 5 instant withdrawal casinos per region:
1# USA: Ignition casino.
1# UK: Bet365 casino.
1# Australia: Gunsbet casino.
1# Canada: 7Bit casino.
1# International: Genesis casino.

What are same-day withdrawal casinos?

As the name indicates, these are online casinos that process your withdrawal requests within the same day. Instant withdrawal casinos fall into this category, but they offer payouts within hours. There are truly few brands able to do this. While many sites falsely claim to offer instant withdrawals, they don’t live up to their promise.

Why is withdrawal speed so important when choosing an online casino?

Fast withdrawals mean financial strength and brand stability. The banking experience gives us objective information about the most crucial aspects of online casinos such as trustworthiness, fairness, customer support, and so on.

Are some withdrawal methods faster than others?

Definitely. Generally speaking, you can always count on e-wallets (including Neteller, Skrill and PayPal), electronic transfers, and cryptocurrency as the fastest methods. Keep in mind that speed will also depend on the country where you are located and the casino itself.

How do I know which withdrawal methods are available to me?

The best way to find out is simply checking at the casino cashier. And, of course, you can always visit our site and get information about the best banking options available in your country (according to speed, safety, limits, fees and availability).

Does the withdrawal amount affect the cash-out speed?

In general terms, it shouldn’t. If you are trying to withdraw a high amount, though, some methods may not work or become prohibitively pricey. You should also take into consideration the fact that online casinos pay jackpot winnings in instalments.

Will it cost me more to get faster payouts?

No. Instant withdrawal casinos don’t charge extra fees to process your withdrawals. This is a sign of good business practices more than an extra service offered by the operator. There may be fees associated with the payment method itself, but not as an extra charge from the casino for speedy transactions.