Privacy Policy

In accordance with privacy regulations recently enacted by the European Union, the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), we would like to inform you, our users, how we may collect and/or process data as you browse through our website pages.

Data We Don’t Use

First, we’d like to make it completely clear that we don’t ask you to submit any of your personally identifiable information in order to use our site, such as email address or cellular phone number. Everything we offer, including information, screenshots, game samples, etc., is free for your personal use. In other words, we don’t collect your personal data in exchange for anything we offer. This, of course, means that we don’t sell, give, or trade any of your personally identifiable information to any outside companies or organizations (because we don’t have it to begin with).

Data We Do Use

We do use non-personally identifiable information that is generated as users browse through the site in order to help improve the quality of the content and user experience. This type of data is gathered automatically by programs and scripts running on our servers and within users’ browsers.

To cite a few examples:

When your browser connects to our server, it will give the server information such as the type of browser, screen resolution, and language settings. We may use this information to customize the site to your preferences for a better experience — by presenting the site in your local language, for example.

This website uses software in combination with a geolocation database that provides a general idea of where a user’s IP address originates from. We may use this information to filter accessible pages within our site based on their usability or legality in certain locations.

We use traffic analysis software that helps us count and analyse user reaction to different pages and content within our website. We use this information to adjust both content production and marketing campaigns.

This type of data allows us to follow overall trends within our audience. None of the information collected through these methods lets us single out, track, or identify any specific individual.

Data Collection Details

For those who would like a more detailed explanation of exactly what data we gather and how it is used, read on.

Data  We Gather

Site usage data — Specific information relating to how you use this website is collected. This information may include time of access, language preferences, screen resolution, device type, browser type, referring URL, user IP address, links you clicked on, and pages that you visited.

Data Collection Methods

We collect usage data through server logs as well as tracking pixels and/or scripts. Our website also sets cookies in the user’s browser to enable usage data processing.

How This Information Is Used

Collected data may be used as a means to help improve the experience of the end user of the website as well as to help optimise marketing activities and campaigns. Data may also be used to segment the website audience and personalise content presentation. We may also use this data to assist with fraud prevention and issues relating to website/server/user security.

How This Data May Be Shared

With Advertising Partners — We may share some usage data with our advertising partners in order to optimise marketing performance and prevent fraud.

With Service Providers — Some of our business functions are outsourced to private contractors, such as web hosting or network connectivity services. We may provide these contractors with specific information that is necessary for them to effectively perform in their role.

With Law Enforcement — We will share relevant information in our possession with law enforcement personnel or agencies when legally required to do so.

Potential Buyers — We may disclose site specific information to third parties or their agents in connection with the potential sale of all or part of the business related to this website.

Tracking And Cookies

Cookies are small data files stored by the user’s web browser, used to keep a record of certain data. We take advantage of cookies to help improve the service we offer and enhance the experience of our users on our site. Cookies allow us to track (anonymously) which pages our visitors like and which they don’t like. Cookies do not give us access to your computer or any other information on it. Your continued use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the use of cookies. You can manage or delete all or some of the cookies stored on your computer through your web browser’s security or privacy menu. Guides on how to how to control or manage cookies are available online for all major web browsers.

This website use both first-party and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are served from our own domain. Third-party cookies are served from a third-party domain such as advertising or analytics providers. Third-party cookies are used for the purpose of analysing both traffic and marketing performance. We do not have access to any information stored in third-party cookies and, likewise, third-party providers do not have access to any information stored in cookies set by our domain.

Lawful Data Processing

In reference to GDBR Article 6, Section 1, point f, it is hereby stated that we process the above-mentioned information in order to pursue our legitimate interests, which include the need to combat fraud, improve website experience, and analyse the performance of advertising campaigns.

Opting Out Of Data Gathering/Processing

You may opt out of any further data processing that occurs on this site by discontinuing your use of the site.

Changes To This Policy

Any changes to this policy will be posted to this web page. It is the responsibility of the user to check this page periodically for any changes or updates. If you disagree with or do not consent to anything stated on this page, you should discontinue use of this site immediately. Changes to this policy shall be deemed effective at the time they are published.

Contact details

For any questions and inquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]