Using Cash App at Online Casinos WARNING

There's No Online Casino Accepting CashApp. Find Better Methods

This article update will discuss how things have changed in the U.S. gambling market since our last review. We’ll explain why you should refrain from using CashApp directly at any online casino in 2024 and how you can use it – instead – to buy Bitcoin easily. So, if you are looking for no-deposit bonus codes, you can visit our specific section.

Cash App is an online e-wallet and money transfer service accepted worldwide. It is also one of a handful of services Americans can use to buy and sell crypto quickly from their mobile. The system allows users to transfer money from one user to another and conduct transactions between online stores and other retail businesses. Whether sending or receiving money, Cash App transfers are usually credited instantly. Users also get access to a prepaid Visa debit card.

Download the app to get started with Bitcoin in the United States

⚠️ CashApp Gambling Ban

With that said,

It is forbidden by CashApp terms of service to directly deposit or withdraw funds associated with gambling transactions to your CashApp account. Doing so will get you banned. Period.

No matter what you read on any other site. You can double-check this information directly in the CashApp Terms of Service:

Cashapp acceptable use policy banning gambling transactions.
Cash App account closed message.

We received several messages from users complaining about getting their CashApp account banned due to violation of the company ToS, because they used CashApp to directly receive their winnings from a gambling site.

Luckily, a simple workaround will allow you to buy or sell crypto using CashApp services. Then, you can operate with a separate/personal wallet to bank at the best Bitcoin casinos.

❓ Can You Use Cash App For Online Gambling?

NO, you cannot. CashApp and other payment processing companies in the U.S frequently monitor customer accounts for breaches in terms of service – and as you saw – CashApp clearly states that gambling transactions are not permitted. You can of course still use it to buy BTC or any other cryptocurrency.

❓ So How Can I Play at Crypto Casinos?

The answer here is simple: if you wish to play at online casinos using BTC, you should use your own private wallet. It should be used for deposits and for withdrawals.

How to Create a CashApp Account

  1. If you have yet to use CashApp, you can download their mobile App. If a friend invites you, both of you get $5 free.
  2. Create your Cash App account if you don’t have any.
    • Create your $cashtag to operate with the mobile app.
    • Verify your account.
  3. If you need to purchase Bitcoin, you can use CashApp to do so.
  4. Move your funds to your own private wallet (with private keys).
  5. Find a trustworthy Bitcoin casino and use Bitcoin as your preferred banking method.

❓ How To Buy Bitcoin Using Cash App

An uncommon but extremely convenient feature of Cash App is that users can buy and sell stocks and Bitcoin directly through the platform starting with as little as $1.

If it’s your first time using the app, it will ask you several questions to verify your identity before you can actually buy or sell Bitcoin in Cash App. This includes your name, last name and last 4 digits of your SSN (social security number). You will also need to select a PIN to authorize transactions.

You must add your debit card to buy Bitcoin or invest in stocks. Click on the amount you want to exchange and click NEXT.

CashApp buy BTC
CashApp BTC purchase confirmation

A confirmation screen will show all the transaction details, including Bitcoin price and fees.

After confirming your BTC purchase, you can send the funds to your private wallet. For this purpose, you can use Electrum wallet, Coinomi, Exodus, Blockchain – or any other.

From here on, you can get started making crypto deposits at your casino, or if you don’t have one – visit our section with the Best Bitcoin casinos to find reputable gambling sites that pay fast.

❓ How To Exchange BTC to USD with CashApp

As mentioned previously, you can use CashApp to invest in stocks or trade Bitcoin. Just transfer your Bitcoins to the CashApp app and trade them for USD. You can just select the amount you want to sell and confirm the transaction. These funds can then be transferred to your bank account. Again, you can’t fund your CashApp account with gambling funds.

The fastest payout casinos using Bitcoin are: Extreme, Ignition and CasinoMax.

Please remember never to transfer the BTC from your casino account directly to CashApp.

🖊️ Bottom Line

I don’t think that gambling with CashApp is the best option. It indeed allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin, but you can do that from most trade exchanges operating in the U.S. nowadays. While CashApp only supports Bitcoin, trade exchanges feature many more cryptocurrencies and can be linked to your bank account.

By operating with CashApp to deposit or withdraw from an online casino, you risk your account getting banned. So why do so if you can always find alternatives with more altcoins and lower fees?

Since CashApp only works in the United States, I imagine you live there. I just wanted to let you know that you don’t need to worry. You can always visit our section with the fastest payout casinos for USA players. Or, if you are into crypto gambling, you can check our Bitcoin page with reputable gambling sites that pay fast.

For players located in Europe and other regulated gambling markets, you can check PayPal casinos.


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