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Contrary to what happens with other payment methods such as PayPal or UPayCard, VISA casinos are not rare. Accepting Visa cards is a standard amongst casino sites, even in the United States. Of course, not all of them are good to play at and we will make a point here.

The problem is, as much as you can deposit using VISA, in most of the casinos you wont be able to withdraw your earnings to your card. We have researched and tested several casino sites and here is our top 3 recommended list, which wont make you wait on tardy payments and are well renowned.

VISA history

With roots dating back in the fifties, VISA is one of the pioneers of the modern credit / debit card industry. Nowadays, it seems to be everywhere, they have reached all corners of the planet long time ago and the number of local bank and other institutions licensed to issue these cards is extremely large. However, that cannot be compared with the number of users, having in mind that almost 1 billion people worldwide possess a VISA card.

On the other hand, VISA is a traditional credit / debit card which makes it sometimes inconvenient for online gamers. Not only that the transactions are processed slower than with e-wallets for instance, it is also well known that VISA cards are widely accepted for deposits by the majority of online casinos, but less than a half of them will pay out their customers via this method. However, it can be used for online gaming successfully, but you should learn more about it in order to prevent bad surprises and choose the right VISA casinos to play at.

Making Casino deposits with VISA

How to make Visa casino deposits and withdrawals

We cannot tell you the exact number, but the lion’s share of online casinos has VISA written at their banking methods page. This however does not mean you will be able to withdraw funds back using VISA by default, but that is a different story. Here is how to make a deposit:

  1. Choose VISA as your payment method.
  2. Fill in the required fields with the following data: VISA card number, your name (as written on the card), the card’s expiring date and the 3 digit CVC safety code (written on the back of your card).
  3. Type the amount of money you want to deposit.
  4. Verify the payment details and confirm.

Your money should be at the casino account almost instantly.

Making Withdrawals to your VISA

This is where one of the major drawbacks of VISA card shows its face. VISA is regularly offered as a payment method at almost all online casinos, but when it comes to withdrawals things are not in favor of VISA card holders. Even if you placed a deposit using your VISA card, the majority of casinos will not let you receive your money the same way. Yet, if a casino accepts to pay you back via VISA card, the procedure is rather easy and it includes the steps we have mentioned in the previous charter. When you send a withdrawal request, you will still have to wait for several days before the money arrives to your bank account. Usually casinos that accept withdrawals to VISA credit cards will request that the first deposit was done in the same way (same payment method).

Advantages of VISA Casinos 

  • Easy to place a deposit. Depositing with a VISA card is very easy and the procedure will not last more than a few minutes. After the procedure, the money arrives to your casino balance in no time and you are free to start some real action immediately.
  • Fees. Many casino sites, including the ones we selected for you, wont charge you extra fees to process your deposits using your VISA card. Still, be aware of the ones that do. To avoid any issues, check their Terms and Conditions, specifically in regards to deposits and withdrawals or contact them directly requesting more info.
  • Reliability. VISA is, alongside with a couple of other cards, accepted at almost all points in the world and is one of the largest financial institutions on the planet. They are the leaders in the protection technologies that keep their customers’ accounts and money safe from all intruders. They are, moreover, known for treating their customer fairly.
  • Access to funds. This is one of the things that could be tricky if you are not able to deal with your spending, but many players find convenient the fact that you do not need to have the money at your account the moment you make a deposit. That is, of course, in case your VISA belongs to credit (not debit) cards.

Disadvantages of Casinos accepting VISA 

  • Withdrawals. There is a huge gap between the number of casinos that accept deposits and the number of casinos that offer withdrawals via VISA cards. If you want to use your VISA card only, pick one of the casinos that allow both-way transactions. Otherwise, you will need an extra payment option at your disposal to take your money back.
  • Fees. Despite the fact that all online transactions come with some kind of fee that needs to be paid eventually, online casinos often accept to pay instead of the customers who make their deposits/withdrawals using e-wallets. In many cases that is not what happens with VISA cards, which can make it less favorable payment method for many players.
  • Personal Details Issue. Many players feel uncomfortable to provide both, their personal details and bank details to anyone including online casinos, since these information combined can allow third parties to misuse their card.

VISA Casinos FAQ 

1. Is VISA a preferred payment method?

Yes, definitely. VISA can be used at an even larger number of casino sites than MasterCard. Fast, easy and secure, most casino choose credit cards as preferred payment method for their transactions.

2. Do I have to pay extra fees?

As mentioned before, many casinos – including the ones listed here – wont charge extra fees for VISA card deposits. Still, there are many online casinos that will do so you should get in touch with them and request more information. In general, you should consider that the same fees paid when you operate online will apply here as a consequence of your contract with the credit card company, but nothing out of ordinary.

3. Can I use prepaid and VISA debit cards?

Usually yes, but this pretty much depends on the casino you have chosen to play. You should contact them directly in order to get this information and know about limitations.

4. Is it a safe payment method to use at online casinos?

Definitely, but here we need to make a point. Credit card numbers are usually stolen and used as a way to perform fraudulent transactions, therefore, VISA refund users as part of their policy when things like this happen. You can be sure that your personal details and information are safe with VISA, but shady casino sites are subject to hacking attempts and other bad practices. That’s why its so important to choose the right place to play: trustworthiness should play a big role here. We at, will only recommend you the best places to play, online casinos that use advanced encryption and other safety measures also used by financial institutions to guard personal data and payment information.

5. How “Instant” are VISA deposits and withdrawals?

Technically, after you verified your account with the casino and presented all the documents requested, your deposits should be processed almost instantly. You can also process your deposits with the casino representative on the phone. VISA deposits are considered to be fast, almost instant.

6. What can I do if my VISA credit card is rejected?

We are dedicated to offer and review the most relevant casino payment methods available to make the best out of your casino experience. Depending on your region, you may consider using Skrill, Neteller or MasterCard which are widely accepted.

Interesting Facts about VISA 

Visa started as a Bank of America project
Originally, VISA started as a project from Bank of America in 1958 in the form of a paper with a credit limit of $300. In mid 1970 VISA claimed its name.

No credit cards are directly issued by VISA
An association of banks issue the cards to its wide customer base.

The largest private antitrust settlement in history was over credit card fees
In December 2013, a U.S. District Judge approved a $5.7 billion over VISA and MasterCard swipe fees. The initial settlement was higher but went down after 8,000 merchants choose to drop out of the deal.

The first credit card was sent as junk mail
In 1958, a Bank of America employee had a promising marketing plan: mailing 60,000 BankAmericards (the predecessor of VISA) to people in California. The cards, which were made of paper and had a pre-approved credit limit of $300, were totally unsolicited. By October 1959, 2 million of unsolicited cards were circulating in California. Sadly, the result of this marketing move resulted in 20% of all credit accounts becoming delinquent and the loss of $8.8 million by the Bank of America.

In the U.S – 1970 was the starting year to regulate the credit card industry
Among other things, the U.S Congress prohibited companies from mass mailing credit cards to people who had not requested them

40% of all financial fraud is related to Credit cards

VISA Casinos















  • Widely accepted even in U.S
  • VISA safety standards
  • Convenience: Zero bureaucracy
  • Prepaid and Debit cards available
  • Free to use


  • Few casinos accept withdrawals to VISA
  • Not all casinos accepting VISA are good
  • Sensitive information at risk