Best Casino Banking for USA players

Banking options play a fundamental part in our casino experience. Availability, speed and limits are top priorities when choosing an online casino. If we are referring to USA online casino banking, there’s a common understanding of the lack of options for fast withdrawals. Sadly, and due to uncertainty in terms of legislation, popular companies dedicated to process online transactions don’t accept casino payments in the U.S.

However, many fast payout casinos in USA are still able to process withdrawals in the same day or within 48 hours. So, how do they do it? What are the best methods to receive your earnings faster? While we previously reviewed popular casino banking methods, this time I want to talk specifically about the best methods available to USA players.

You can consider this section a complete guide for USA players looking for a safe way to fund their casino account and also withdraw their earnings fast. If you prefer to skip explanations you can move forward and choose any of these reputable casinos – offering hassle-free cash outs.

USA Online Casino Banking – Overview

Setting up an online casino operation in USA may be profitable, but definitely tough to achieve. Specially if the group managing the brand is trying to reach the top. Despite prohibitions, the U.S gambling market keeps evolving and more players decide to try their luck at new venues launched every month.

To be successful, an online casino must provide an outstanding service, from the moment that the users sign up, including the moment they decide to withdraw their casino earnings. All the way around! Delays in support or withdrawals are unacceptable, because the market is more competitive and casinos should aim to offer better services, specially when talking about payment methods. In the past, American players could only choose between checks and MoneyGram / Western Union to receive their earnings. How inconvenient, right? Several weeks to wait before money hits the account.

USA online casino banking became a little less complicated, with the addition of alternative deposit and withdrawal methods. Of course, depositing is always easier than cashing out: there are far more options available and most of them are instantaneous. Now when we are talking about withdrawals, you will find big differences. For example, it’s not the same to gamble with Bitcoins, than using your VISA card. While you are able to deposit using any of the mentioned methods, you will be able to withdraw only using Bitcoin.

Methods suitable for Deposits and Withdrawals

Sadly, there are not many options that work both for deposits and withdrawals, but there’s no need to worry. If you don’t own any Bitcoins, you can combine a deposit and an alternative withdrawal method.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin became without a doubt the preferred method when talking about USA Online Casino Banking. You can deposit and withdraw using BTC, and many operators also accept other cryptocurrencies. There are also special bonuses for the ones who prefer to gamble with cryptocurrencies.

Of course, there are pros and cons of using this method to play at online casinos. Cons, not so many, but I can mention the fact that you need to own the cryptocurrency first in order to gamble with it. Not everybody is ready to buy Bitcoins and I can understand that. Volatility? another big risk. Pros? well, payments are processed instantly or in a couple of hours through a peer to peer system, offering good levels of anonymity. Using cryptocurrencies allow you to bypass any GEO-restriction.

Due to these reasons, Bitcoin became a safe payment option for American players. For more information about Bitcoin casinos, you can check our complete review.

Best Deposit Methods for USA Casino players

There are several alternatives when talking about deposit methods at USA online casinos. The problem here is “acceptance rates”. For example, VISA credit cards have higher acceptance rate than American Express. Please note that these methods are only available for deposits and not withdrawals.

VISA and MasterCard

VISA Casinos

Credit cards continue being the most popular banking method to deposit at U.S casinos. VISA is the number one in terms of acceptance rate, followed by Master Card. Opting for this method won’t be an issue, because all online casinos accept deposits with credit cards with no fees. On the downside, we need to consider that not everybody owns a credit card, or wants to disclose their financial details at a gambling venue. If you are looking for more control and anonymity, you may want to buy prepaid cards.

If you wan’t to know more about these methods, you can check our sections with VISA Casinos and MasterCard Casinos.

Prepaid Cards / Paysafecard

Paysafecard Casino Logo

This is a good option for the ones who prefer to stay anonymous or keep their financial details out of internet. There are many others who don’t own a credit card, or maybe prefer to keep their gambling habits private and under strict control.

Paysafe is one of the most popular prepaid cards out there, accepted by casinos all around the globe. You just need to find a store close to your house and “physically” purchase the card. That obviously comes with some pros and cons: going to the store may be a pain, if there are other electronic methods available. Also, due to low deposit limits, prepaid cards are not a good option for high-rollers. On the bright side, you stay anonymous, there are low fees and you get the chance to control your gambling expenses closely.

If you are looking for online casinos accepting Paysafecard, you can also visit our complete review.

This service used to be available in US territory but currently not.

CASHLib / MST Giftcards

CASHlib Casino Logo

CASHLib and MST Giftcards function in the same way than Paysafecard, but the problem with them is that not many USA online casinos accept them, so you need to be lucky enough to find MST Giftcard casinos and CASHLib Casinos (or visit our complete guides and join one of the approved operators 😉 )

USA Online Casino Banking / Withdrawals

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck when you want to withdraw your casino earnings. While in many occasions this may be due to the fact that the casino doesn’t really want to pay – for obvious reasons – general consensus is that withdrawals are tough for American players. There are only a bunch of payment methods available and except Bitcoin, they are not instantaneous.  There’s not much to do here, because companies are waiting for gambling legislation to take a turn. In the meantime, you have these withdrawal methods available:

Rapid Transfer

Unique method belonging to the Bovada team, processes withdrawals in up to 24 hours, similar to wire transfers. So if you are planning to play at Ignition, or Bovada, you are good to go.


These are traditional methods that American players used in the past to receive their casino earnings. The problem here is that while there’s no doubt that the money will arrive fast, the transaction may become pricey. Both companies work around the clock but the service may be expensive, depending on the amount you want to transfer. For more information you can check MoneyGram Casinos.

Check by Courier / ACH

ACH Casino Logo

For checks, we refer to the traditional paper checks – that we stopped using for small amounts long time ago. ACH works like an electronic check, with very low fees. But the problem here, like in previous cases, is that few online casinos accept them and they aren’t convenient when talking about small sums. For more information about ACH casinos, visit our guide.

The Missing Names

There are big names that everybody knows and are missing from the U.S gambling market. Some players keep looking for USA online casinos accepting Paypal, or Neteller/  Skrill, without knowing that these companies are unable to process casino payments in USA because there’s a law that prohibits it. The situation has been messy for quite some time but hopefully we will have news about American gambling regulation soon. In the meantime, you should know that Paypal, Neteller and Skrill don’t process casino payments in USA. Another known name is UPaycard, which left the market in 2017.

Bottom Line

If you want an honest answer, here I go: USA online casino banking is not easy. While there are several deposit methods available – with more or less acceptance rate – you won’t find many withdrawal options in general. So if you own Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies and are willing to gamble with it, you should definitely take this option first. Why? Between many good reasons I can mention the fact that you will be allowed to withdraw within a couple of hours, anonymity and GEO bypass. Cryptocurrencies are the only casino banking method available both for deposits and withdrawals in USA.

If you prefer to stay away from cryptocurrencies, then you will have to combine payment methods. Some will work for deposits and others for withdrawals, depending on your preferences. In terms of deposits, I would recommend to go for credit cards like VISA, or prepaid cards like Paysafecard – if you prefer to stay anonymous and are not planning to go big with your deposits. Both methods are popular in USA Online Casino Banking and most operators accept them.

Withdrawals are more complicated, because of payment method scarcity. So more than recommending, I can only go with what is available and pays faster in the U.S market. So in order to cash out, you can opt for Rapid Transfer if you are playing at any casino of the Bovada group, with only 24 hours delay until the funds hit your bank account. At any other casino you will have to opt for regular checks, with up to 10 days delay. MoneyGram and Western Union may be an option, if you want to receive your earnings fast – and are willing to pay more for that.

Big names will still be missing, until gambling regulation takes a turn. Hopefully sooner than later.