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There are many players that would deposit at online casinos without disclosing their financial details, if they could. CASHlib casino sites offer this option, allowing players to buy a prepaid card or voucher for real cash and then redeem it at the cashier. This is a safe and efficient way to transfer money and pay for services or goods at many online merchants around the globe.

CASHlib is a voucher service introduced in 2015 by EmpCorp, a company based in Luxemburg. The service is marketed as an alternative to other prepaid cards that abandoned certain gambling markets – such is the case with uKash and Paysafecard. You can physically purchase CASHlib vouchers from retail shops in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Spain. And you can also do it online. Each prepaid card has a preset limit of £/$/€ 10 – 250 and provides a 16-digit PIN that you need to use to confirm the deposit.

As you can expect from these payment methods, CASHlib can’t be used for withdrawals, therefore you will need to find an alternative to cash out your casino earnings. It is important to remember that although there are many online casinos accepting CASHlib as a deposit method, not all of them worth your time (and money). That’s why I recommend to follow our review and do the homework researching about optional brands.

Last but not least, CASHlib is mainly oriented to French and Dutch players. Since paying with e-vouchers became so popular in online gambling, you will find many local options available to you. Located in USA? Check our MST Giftcard review. Neosurf Casinos are popular among European players.

How does it work?

CASHlib works like other prepaid cards or vouchers. Basically, you can purchase a card going to a local retail store or online. If you prefer the first option, CASHlib published a store locator to help you find the one closest to you. If you prefer to get them online, you can do so here. Values range from £/$/€ 10 – 250 and you can stock up cards.

Each card contains a 16-digit PIN code that you need to use to validate your deposit at a CASHlib casino. You can easily verify if the casino accepts CASHlib deposits, by visiting the cashier and checking the presence of their logo. Transactions are immediate and you can start playing right away.

Note, that since you are purchasing a prepaid voucher, you won’t need to complete long forms or provide financial details. You will remain almost anonymous until the moment you need to cash out your earnings.

Here you can see a video of how this payment method works, posted by @CASHlib.

In which countries is it available?

You can easily find a retail store in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Greece. There, you can physically purchase the vouchers by cash. If you prefer to get them online, you need to complete the form listed above and live in one of the 25 countries listed. If you are not in the area, you can still check other casino payment methods published in our website. Bitcoin Casinos are always a tempting option which also provide safety and certain anonymity levels.

Advantages of using CASHlib

For the ones that don’t feel comfortable providing financial info, CASHlib is a great option. You can purchase some cards and stock them up, using them to deposit at any CASHlib casino. No long forms to fill, no bank details. Just adding the 16-digit PIN will validate the transaction and credit your funds at the casino account. It’s very simple and easy, plus 100% safe. Payments are sent immediately.

Even in the case of losing the card, you won’t be exposed to hacking.

Many casino operators accept this payment method for funding accounts. You can purchase the e-vouchers online or in person, making it quite convenient comparing to other brands that are only available at retail stores. Setting a prepaid value allows for a better control of your budget and game pace spending.

You can fund your voucher with up to $/€ 250 – 180 GBP. You can stock up to 5 vouchers or $/€ 1,250 – 900 GBP. This limit is more than enough for casual players.

Some CASHlib casinos will offer special bonuses when you use this payment method. Check the promotion section for more information, where you can usually find a special CASHlib bonus ranging from 10 to 15%.

How to use CASHlib for Casino Deposits

First, you need to get your CASHlib voucher or prepaid card and confirm that your casino accepts deposits using this payment method. Then, all you need to do is add the 16-digit PIN printed in the card and the amount you want to deposit. Then just start playing! Really easy and fast.

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How to withdraw using CASHlib

Sadly, you cant use CASHlib to cash out your casino earnings, therefore you will need to find an alternative method. This is the big downside of using prepaid cards in online gambling. It would be perfect to keep this level of privacy in withdrawals, but it’s not possible with CASHlib. Prepaid cards and vouchers are great for payments and deposits, but are unsuitable for withdrawals. This can become inconvenient for some players who prefer to keep all their gambling activities oganized.

Depending on where you are located, you can find great complementary methods – or use them on both deposits and withdrawals. Please check our regional sections for more information about preferred payment methods in your country:

Withdrawals are our main focus, so we really took the time to analyse and test many regional payment methods for you. Hope you will find it useful :).

Fees and Timeframe

As any prepaid card or voucher, CASHlib deposits are instant and withdrawals are not available. There are no fees for using this service, although it is important to remark that each voucher has a 12 month validity. In case you want to use it after that date, you will be charged with a 2 GBP fee.


If you prefer to keep your financial details undisclosed and also control your gambling budget and game pace spending, this will be a great method for you. Playing at a CASHlib casino allows you to avoid long forms and provide less personal details when registering, although you will have to add them later on, when you hit the jackpot and request a cash out. Sadly CASHlib is unsuitable for withdrawals.

You can find them in 25 countries and purchase their vouchers in person or online. CASHlib is present in more countries than other voucher systems, which is great. You can stock up some cards up to $/€ 1,250 and deposit easily and safely keeping track of what you spend.

Like it happens with other prepaid cards, this method is more suitable for casual players who are mainly looking to have a good time. High rollers and other seasoned players will probably skip this payment method, due to low limits and lack of flexibility

Usually, only casinos regulated in Curacao will offer this payment method, so you won’t find it in big brands such as SlotsMagic or Guts – which are regulated by UKGC or MGA. This is one of the main reasons why we didn’t list more brands on this review. Curacao licenses are not so beneficial to players and need to be really careful while choosing a casino licensed there. Superior Casino has a long story of being reputable and safe to play, although it also has pros and cons. Please read the casino review for more information.

CASHLib e-Money FAQ

What is CASHLib?

CASHLib is an e-Money service originated in France that can be used to deposit at a bunch of online casinos that accept e-vouchers as a convenient way to fund your account without disclosing your credit card info nor your bank details.

Where is CASHLib more popular?

CASHLib is more popular in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Greece, where you can find retail stores to directly purchase it. Also, if we talk about online casinos, CASHLib is popular in those gambling markets where there aren’t many banking options available, so e-vouchers are a great solution – to fund your account at least.

What are the best online casinos that accept CASHLib e-money?

1# Superior casino.
2# Casino Extra.
3# Lucky 31.
You can find also other brands that cater to French players exclusively, such as:
4# Cresus.
5# Riviera.
6# Casino Clic.
Feel free to visit our CASHLib casino page for all the details about this payment method.

Are there alternative services to CASHLib?

Yes. You can find e-voucher or e-money services around the globe. For example:
1# Paysafecard – UK and other European countries.
2# Neosurf – for Australian players.
3# MST Gifcard – for USA players.

What are the advantages of using CASHLib to fund my casino account?

CASHLib is simple and secure. You have a PIN code that you need to use in order to make a deposit and that’s it. You don’t need to disclose your financial details and it’s easy to control your expenses because of the e-voucher limits. The truth is, that CASHLib appears as one of the few options available to make real money deposits and play at online casinos that are located in problematic gambling regions.

What are the disadvantages of CASHLib?

The most important disadvantage of this method is that you can only use it to fund your casino account but not to withdraw.
Another disadvantage is that not many brands accept this method yet.