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If you are looking for a convenient payment method that allows you to make a casino deposit without disclosing your personal or financial information, Paysafecard may be the best option out there. Paysafecard casino sites are spread around the globe so you will be able to use these prepaid vouchers if you are located in USA, Europe, New Zealand and other countries. Sadly, players located in Australia won’t be able to use this method as for December 1st, 2017.

Paysafecard is basically a prepaid card that you can purchase for cash in any convenience store, supermarket or gas station. You can also get them online depending on your location. Without needing to complete long forms or disclose personal or financial information, you get a voucher that you can then use at the cashier of your favourite online casino.

While there are other prepaid cards available, like Neosurf vouchers, MST Giftcards or CASHLIB, Paysafecard is definitely the one that has more availability. You can purchase it and use it in many online casinos, even in countries where there aren’t many banking options available.

If you don’t own a credit card, want to control your gambling expenses or prefer to keep your gambling habits private, Paysafecard casinos are a good option for you. On the downside, Paysafecard can’t be used for withdrawals, so you will need to find an alternative method. Stay with me while we get into the details – or if you prefer – move forward with the list of approved online casinos accepting Paysafecard for fast, secure and easy deposits.

How does it work?

Paysafecard works like any other prepaid card, with the difference that is widely accepted, therefore you can purchase it almost anywhere. If you don’t know where to get your Paysafecards, don’t worry! Paysafe published a store locator that will help you on that task. The payment method is available in more than 46 countries, becoming one of the most popular banking methods in the gambling industry. Also, most of the top online casinos available worldwide accept it, so you won’t have issues when trying to deposit for real money.

The first thing you need to do, is to get your Paysafecard. As mentioned previously, you can do so in any convenience store close to your house. Depending on your location, you can acquire them online too. The cards are available in values of £/$/€ 10, 25, 50 and 100 purchasable with cash, you can also stock them up and use them in the same transaction. Each card has a 16 – digit PIN code that you will need to use to confirm your deposit at the preferred online casino.

Please note that since you are purchasing the Paysafecard vouchers with cash, you won’t need to complete long forms or disclose your financial details, allowing you to stay anonymous. This is true until the moment you need to cash out, when you will need to add an alternative method to do so.

Here you can see an official video posted by @Paysafecard with more information about what they do:

In which countries is it available?

Paysafecard is available in more than 46 countries, including: Belgium, Canada, Deutschland, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, LATAM and many more.

If you think about complicated gambling jurisdictions like USA, having a Paysafecard casino around is just great. The most interesting thing is that many online casinos accept it, so American players won’t have many restrictions when trying to find a casino that accepts Paysafecard, because there are plenty!

For more information about Paysafecard limits and availability in your country, click here.

Paysafecard Casino Australia

The Australian gambling market has been shaking for sometime and many big casino names sadly left. Still, Aussie players can find many reputable sites that somehow managed to stay operating, but with serious restrictions in processing. Our team rated the best brands out there, according to their withdrawal speed. Most of these casinos accept deposits with prepaid vouchers like Neosurf or Upaycard, but not with Paysafe.

If you are gambling from Australia you will be able to purchase prepaid vouchers and then get started at Australian online casinos that accept alternative prepaid cards for deposits. As mentioned previously, you won’t be able to use them for withdrawals, so other options to cash out are VISA and Bitcoin as the way to get your earnings faster.

Paysafecard Casino USA

USA casino players are also in need of more payment methods to process their gambling transactions. While you will still find many options to deposit, not many of them will offer you the advantage of anonymity. One of the best features of Paysafecard casinos is that you can deposit without disclosing your personal or financial details. That’s definitely a big asset for any casino player around the globe.

If you check the Paysafecard official website, you will find that the 16 – digit pin won’t work on USA online casinos. Despite this information, many gambling sites catering to USA players are still able to accept Paysafe vouchers for deposits. To avoid any inconvenience, register and check that the option is available at the cashier.

Paysafecard Casino Europe

Paysafecard is widely accepted at Europe online casinos. Here, the options are many when talking about payment methods, but again, few of them will allow you to stay anonymous without disclosing your credit card or bank details. If you also like to control your gambling expenses closely, Paysafecard looks a good fit for you.

Besides that, European online casinos work under tight regulation, offering many processing methods to withdraw your earnings. You won’t have any issues finding a substitute to Paysafe when cashing out. There are plenty of options, most of them instantaneous, so you can relax and focus on your game play experience.

Advantages of using Paysafecard

There are many advantages of using Paysafecard as your deposit method. First one that comes to mind is security: purchasing a Paysafecard for cash allows you to keep your financial information safe. No credit card or bank details involved. At the same time, when you buy something with cash you can clearly see what you are spending and set some boundaries. Keeping your gambling habits private is also possible using Paysafe, because no information about your casino activities will be displayed on your credit card balance.

In addition to all of that, it’s really simple to make a real money deposit at a Paysafecard casino and carries no fees. You can also stock them up and reserve a budget dedicated to gamble responsively.

Another big advantage is that you can use Paysafe to fund well known e-wallets, like Neteller and Skrill.

When talking about disadvantages, there aren’t many. The first one that comes to mind is that Paysafecards can’t be used for withdrawals, therefore you will need to find an alternative method to cash out. This is kind of a big set back, because you will need to add your financial details at the end, having kept this information out of internet until this point. Still, online casinos working under regulation are safe, using top notch technology to protect your information.

How to use Paysafecard for deposits

After purchasing your prepaid voucher, you will need to find a casino that accepts deposits with Paysafe. That won’t be difficult at all and actually we tested many casino brands to bring you the best. After choosing the best Paysafecard casino for you, you will need to register and go to the cashier, selecting Paysafecard as your preferred deposit method.

After that, choose the amount you want to deposit and confirm it with the 16 – digit PIN code included in your voucher. Please note that you don’t need to use the amount you paid on your card. Any money left will be available in your Paysafecard for future deposits or purchases. The funds will be credited in a matter of seconds and will be available from your desktop or mobile device, doesn’t matter what you choose.

How to use Paysafecard in USA?

Simple, just need to find a casino that accept it and follow the same procedure we mentioned above. Is really simple. Just redeem the 16 – digit pin code in the cashier, crediting the amount you want to deposit. You can also use up to 3 Paysafecards during the same month.

How to withdraw via Paysafecard

Like other prepaid card services, Paysafecard is unsuitable for withdrawals, which is really bad news. You will need to find an alternative payment method to withdraw at any Paysafecard casino.

Fees and Timeframe

One of the biggest advantages of Paysafecard casinos is that there are no fees involved and the deposit is almost instantaneous. It takes a couple of seconds to reach your account and you can get started immediately.

Because Paysafecard vouchers are valid for a year, if you don’t purchase or do a deposit during this frame time you will have to pay a €2 fee. Other than that, you won’t have any other fees making a deposit at your favourite Paysafecard casino.


Paysafecard is a great payment method which is widely accepted at most online casinos around the globe. Even if you are located in complicated gambling jurisdictions, like USA, there are plenty of online casinos accepting Paysafecard. This method is also popular in Canada. Sadly, online casinos in Australia won’t accept your deposits using Paysafecard, but you can still deposit using Neosurf, which works in the same way.

Depending on your location, you can buy the cards online or go to the closest store and “physically” get them for cash. After that, is really simple! Just adding a 16 – PIN code in the cashier and walla! the deposit is confirmed.

I really loved all the advantages that come with the use of Paysafe prepaid vouchers and think they are more than useful for most casino players. First, anonymity. Second, practicality and ease of use. Third, tight control of your expenses, in case you need it.

On the downside, sadly this processing method is not available for withdrawals. Another set back is exactly the monthly limits that make this method unsuitable for Highroller casino players.

All in all, Paysafecard is a great method for casual players looking to gamble online without issues in processing. While it does not allow for withdrawals, you can still use it for safe, fast and secure deposits at most online casinos around the globe. Although the method itself is really safe and secure, not all online casinos accepting it will be a good port for you. That’s why we took the time to analyze the best gambling websites accepting Paysafe. Hope you enjoy this article!