How To Bring Luck To The Casino Floor

Small disclaimer before we start: This article was written by one of our readers as a type of fun diversion, and shouldn’t be seen as an advice to follow. 

Our frequent visitors know that we are not really into luck. We trust in facts, details and knowledge. If you are familiar with the joke about the man who refused to get into the boat believing that god will help him (eventually he drawn and came to complain to god that replies ” “I sent you a rowboat and a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you expect?”) – this pretty much summarizes our view.

You can believe in whatever you wish to believe in, but do your part and do your homework. 

How to bring more luck to the casino

Luck certainly plays a big role in the results that players have at casinos, and there’s no question about that.

You have to be lucky to win, and how your luck runs determines completely how much money you win and lose at casinos, both at physical casinos and at online ones.

Is luck completely random though?

Luck and Dices

Well mathematically it is, and unless the games aren’t as random as they are supposed to be, one could at least claim that.

If the games aren’t so random, if they are a little off, that subjects casinos to huge risks, as someone could figure out to what extent the results aren’t random and take them to the cleaners, so casinos actually make sure this doesn’t happen.

Some personal stories…

I remember playing roulette at a certain Atlantic City casino many years ago, and I accidentally leaned on the glass around the wheel and they practically jumped me, do that again and we’re throwing you out, this upsets the balance of the wheel.

I apologized, but the funny thing was, after that, from time to time I’d see them call staff over to the tables and the staff would lean on it.

Someone would be up some money and they would do it and it would change the people’s luck somehow.  So I thought, if this is such a big deal to get them so upset, maybe there’s something to this, maybe I can watch for this and change my luck.

So that’s what happened, and I would bet differently after someone would do this, and I managed to change my luck enough to win a good amount of money over the next week.

Didn’t end so well…

I had an idea that they knew, but they couldn’t admit it, but they revoked my room comp and told me that I’d have to leave because the hotel was booked up for the next day, which was a lie, and this happened three days in a row.

The next year I went back and one of the pit bosses told me I might as well forget about this since no one is allowed to touch the glass anymore.  I think I put a little scare into them though which was pretty funny.

With online casinos, they are even more alert to this, and there have been a few cases where the random generator wasn’t completely random and people have burned the house.  Not only is this software independently tested, but you can bet your bottom dollar the casino wants this to be completely random as well, or people will use their software against them.

Is It Perhaps Possible To Change Your Luck?

Change your luck - lady bug

Still though, people use all kinds of things to look to change their luck, and while a lot of people think this to be foolish, it not only can add to the playing experience, there may even be something behind all this.

With our understanding of the laws of physics being turned upside down by quantum physics, things that we have thought to be impossible, like actively changing one’s luck, may be more real than we have believed.

Some of this is just pure superstition though, often involving some routine that may have been used on a lucky night, causing people to want to repeat the routine again, thinking that this might have something to do with it.

A lot of professional athletes do the same thing, like putting on their equipment a certain way before a game, so it’s not just gamblers that are superstitious.

It’s probably a lot better though to look to rely on your intuition, which slot to play, which table to sit at, which bets to make, and so on, and this may seem a little far out but it’s entirely possible that we may have at least some psychic abilities that we may rely on, consciously or unconsciously.

If you need a little help, we reviewed the best casino software, including some detailed information on best slots to play and 5 / 10 loosest slot per company. This is not strictly luck, but we are glad if we can help increasing your odds!

Can You Really Attract More Luck?

Attract Luck and Win

Some people believe that you can attract luck, and there are even subliminal programs that you can buy which will program your subconscious into attracting more luck.

Belief is a powerful thing though and while it may seem pretty far out that you can change your luck this way, it’s at least a possibility to influence it somewhat.

There’s actually a whole lot about the physical dimension that we don’t understand that well, and if for instance an electron can be in two places at once, and may oscillate between physical dimensions, then just about everything else is possible.

They say that at the most basic level of reality, time doesn’t exist, so if that’s the case, maybe we can figure out future events.

If we can do that to some degree, maybe we can change our luck, maybe that feeling of we should play this or we should quit now has something behind it, and when we don’t listen to our intuition and it was right, maybe we should have.

If this is all true, maybe casino gambling can help awaken our intuition, by getting to practice our hunches and develop our skills here with this, and better prepare us for the decisions outside the casino, and add some real value to our lives as a whole.

Maybe we are just crazy!

On the other hand, maybe this is all crazy, and we can’t change our luck at all.  A lot of people think we can though to some extent or another.

It can be a lot of fun though conducting our own experiments and this can add even further to our enjoyment at the casinos.

One final point: while trusting your intuition and luck can be really fun, we always recommend to add as much information as possible. There’s no luck possible at any establishment that doesn’t qualify as a fair and safe casino. Third party monitoring is a must, as important as license and other player references.

By the way, we already created an article about Casino License and its importance. You are welcome to read it and send us your feedback.

In regards to information, we have added the best casino reviews from brands we personally tested. And also a special section for USA casino players, since we understand that there are limited options available. If you fancy a specific casino software, you will find plenty of reviews with detailed information about withdrawal speed.

Hope this article helps and doesn’t sound too crazy!!!


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