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Paylevo Casinos

If you are looking for Paylevo casino sites, you should know that there are few brands available. This is a popular payment method amongst mobile players throughout Sweden, therefore you will likely find it at casinos with a large Scandinavian customer base only.

If you are located in Sweden, go ahead! This is a handy processing method that allows for instant deposits through your mobile, paying later by bill – at the end of the month. Locally, Paylevo is not as popular as Neteller or PayPal, but is still considered efficient, secure and user friendly. Casino deposits using Paylevo are based on an individual credit limit with the company, which is usually around SEK 50 – 3,000.

A downside is that Paylevo casino withdrawals are not possible. Refer to the previous brands if you are looking to deposit and withdraw your casino funds using the same payment method.

How does it work?

Originally, Paylevo was called Kriita and later renamed. The way it works is similar to Zimpler, another Swedish company which is available in a couple of countries more.

Basically they make it simple to apply for a credit line and then use the funds to make online purchases, including casino deposits. Usually the amounts are between SEK 50 – 3,000 and the process is quite simple. The company does credit checks using your ID and mobile number and if you meet the criteria, you can start making instant deposits at any Paylevo Casino, paying by bill or invoice. You won’t be able to make new purchases or payments until you settle your previous invoice, at the end of the month.

This means that users are able to start playing immediately, and pay a little bit later.

Some people may think that this is dangerous, specially for players who have less control over their gambling habits. The truth is that this is highly impossible, due to Paylevo credit checks. Someone in risk or with registered debts will be flagged during the process and discarded from the application.

In which countries is it available?

As mentioned previously, Paylevo is only available to Swedish casino players. If you are located in other country and prefer mobile friendly payment methods, you may be interested in Zimpler Casinos. Please note that these methods are mainly oriented to European players and not available to Americans. Another thing in common is that they allow for deposits without offering withdrawals.

Advantages of using Paylevo

Paylevo is an easy, responsible and safe mobile-invoice solution, which allows you to make online purchases on the go and pay by invoice, at your earlier convenience.

In the same way, you can instantly deposit at your favourite casino and start playing right from your mobile device.  You don’t need to complete any registration, just use your mobile number. Your financial information stays undisclosed. This is a big advantage for many casino players who prefer to keep their gambling activities away from their bank account. Discretion is always welcome.

Imagine the situation where you play at several online casinos. With Paylevo, you won’t need to add your credit card information every time.

Credit checks ensure that players at risk won’t obtain funds to keep playing. I love this because it helps building a healthier and more transparent gambling community.

Last but not least, any purchase / deposit at a Paylevo casino needs to be confirmed by SMS, adding an extra security layer to the whole process.

How to use Paylevo for deposits

Depositing at a Paylevo casino is fast and simple. To get started, you need to select Paylevo as your preferred deposit method. You will need to add your mobile number and eventually you may also need to add your ID which will be used to run an instant credit check. Don’t worry, the process is really fast!

This security check won’t allow higher credits than what they think you can afford.

After passing the credit check and approval of your account, you will receive an SMS with a PIN code you need to use to confirm your casino deposit. At the same time you will receive information about your monthly limits. And pretty much that’s it! You are ready to go. Meet at the tables or prefer some spins at the slot machines?

You can use Paylevo not only to play, but to purchase in other Swedish friendly online stores.

How to withdraw via Paylevo

Sadly, you cant withdraw your casino earnings using Paylevo. For alternative methods, popular amongst Swedish players, please refer to PayPal and Neteller.

Fees and Timeframe

After confirming your mobile number, you can make instant deposits at any authorized online casino. As you saw, we didn’t find many that we can recommend. So far, only VideoSlots Casino offers this option.

Like other invoicing methods, players will need to pay some fee. Paylevo charges SEK 29 per invoice and a penalty fee of $60 + 8% interest rate, in case of late payments. This value is relatively low comparing to other payment methods.


Paylevo is a convenient casino deposit method that has a lot of space to grow. Like Zimpler, it should expand to more countries before we can consider it a favourite. The idea is great though, specially in regards to the fact that you don’t need to disclose your financial information.

Many players will appreciate the monthly limits that allow for better budget control, while many others will discard this method because it won’t provide enough flexibility. High rollers will probably pass this time.

If you are located in Sweden and prefer mobile-invoice solutions, you can choose between Paylevo and Zimpler. Both of them are great for casino deposits and work with similar fees. You will be able to start playing immediately and pay later, which can be a double-edged sword. If you are usually distracted and pay your bills overdue, Paylevo is not for you.

Sadly casino withdrawals with Paylevo are not available. We don’t expect this to change, since it’s a limitation inherent to the method itself.

In terms of availability, Zimpler is present in a couple of additional countries than Paylevo, but we can expect this method to keep expanding. In the meantime, if you are located in Sweden, you are fine. If not, there are many alternative processing methods reviewed on this website. Please check the Best Casino Banking Methods section for more options.