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Looking for Green Dot Casinos? Check our detailed review and let us know what you think…

There is a common misconception that Green Dot cards cannot be used for casino deposits, but that’s not true. It can be used in a similar way as all major credit cards, it just requires some extra steps.

Green Dot is a great solution for USA online casino players who wish to gamble online. Naturally, it does have some drawbacks which we will explain below.

Before we start, you should know, that in recent years the ability to use Green dot in online casinos is on decline, and there are better solutions on the market such as MST Gift card and mainly UPayCard.

Best Green dot Casinos 2022

Top USA friendly casino that accept Greendot Cards
Play / Review
Welcome Bonus: 150% up to $1,500
Speed: 48 hours
Limits: $10 – No Limit*
Welcome Bonus: 250% up to $1,500
Speed: 48 hours
Limits: $20 – $3,000
Welcome Bonus: Up to $5,000 Welcome Bonus
Speed: 48 hours
Limits: $20 – $3,000

Depositing with Green Dot

From the casino perspective all credit cards, or almost all of them, are the same and the deposit process is similar. It doesn’t make a difference which card you use, as long as their processor can handle it.

Processors is the system which handles the deposits and they vary a lot. For example, some processors can accept Visa, but not Mastercard, and vice versa. Therefore, casinos that accept Visa, will be able to accept Greendot Visa, and similar for Green Dot Mastercard. In fact, in some cases, you will be more successful depositing with a prepaid card than a regular one.

However, what is important to know that even if you found a Green dot casino, not all Green dot cards can be used. Deposits can be made only with the a permanent card, not the temporary one you get at first.

So here are the steps to follow:

  1. Purchase a Green dot card. You can do that in your local convenience store or  at their online site.
  2. Wait for your card to arrive. Notice, if you purchased in your local store, you will get a temporary card, but this one cannot be used at online casinos.
  3. Sign up to Green dot casino of your choice.
  4. Go to cashier and choose the credit/debit card deposit option.
  5. Fill in your details and that’s it.

* In some cases, after you get the permanent card you might need to call the card company and request it to be open for international transactions. Better not to say it is for gambling, but for online purchases (Aliexpress for example).

*We were informed by some players that although their transaction failed, they managed to make it go through with the help of casino customer support representative.

Pros & Cons


  1. Safe. As with all prepaid cards, it’s not linked to your bank account, but just the cash you placed on the card. Meaning that even if you use it on 100 casinos and just regular sites, such as Ebay or Amazon, and the highly unlikely event of a breach happens, your banking details are not exposed.
  2. Better control of your funds which helps you play according to your limit.


  1. The transaction success in recent years is on decline.
  2. Some additional process involved. If you don’t already own a Green dot and wish to use it for gambling only – there are better solutions, like UpayCard which we mentioned before.

Green Dot Fees

As all cards, Green Dot carries certain fees. If you’ve been using it anyway, and not just for casinos, then the only “special” fee you need to pay attention to is the 3% fee on Foreign transactions. As you probably know, all USA friendly casinos are located abroad, so any transaction to and from the casino is an international one.

Below you can find a table with all Green Dot card fees.

PurchaseAt stores: up to $1.95
Online: free
Monthly charge$7.95. Waived if you've loaded more than $1,000 in the previous
monthly period
Reload feeUp to $4.95
Teller cash withdrawal fee $2.50
Foreign transaction fee3%

Bottom Line

Good solution for USA players that wish to play online without connecting/exposing their banking details. The success rate is not great and the card is not available for withdrawals. Ok, but there are better options on the market and you should use this only as an alternative. Never as a main payment method.