900pay Casino

900pay Casino

We have some bad news for those looking for 900pay casino sites. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is not a single online casino which accepts 900pay deposits. It wasn’t a very popular option and not many accepted it in the first place, but in the past year or so they vanished completely.

You shouldn’t worry since there are some alternatives. If you are in US, then try playing at USA casinos accepting MST Giftcards, which is great because it works both for deposit and withdrawals. For Canadian casino players, Instadebit is definitely the best choice and offers a similar banking experience than PayPal casinos.

About 900pay

900pay is available only for USA and Canadian Casino players. It’s a superb solution for making safe and smooth deposits without the use of credit cards. For that reason, it’s most beneficial to USA casino players. As you know since 2006, making a deposit in a reputable USA online casino is not the easiest task as many credit card transactions being denied. With 900pay you avoid this issue as you are depositing funds through your landline phone bill.

How to deposit with 900pay?

Making a deposit is quite easy and takes only few steps.

  1. Create an account at 900pay.
  2. Make sure that your landline is open to 900 numbers (or request it to be opened if it’s not).
  3. Pick a 900pay casino and sign up.
  4. Go to cashier and choose 900pay as the deposit option.
  5. Choose the amount you wish to deposit and click ok.

Pros & Cons of a 900pay casino?


  1. Great solution if you don’t have a credit card or if your credit card deposits being denied.
  2. Easy and safe to use: you don’t share your banking details.
  3. Limits: the maximum amount is $150, which is a great way to keep track and not to go over your budget.


  1. No withdrawals: you cannot withdraw funds back to your phonebill so you will need to use an alternative method.
  2. Amount limits: some might see it as something positive, but if you wish to play with bigger amounts, $150 might not be enough and then you need to choose some other option.
  3. Accepted only in few casinos: that’s the main problem of the method. There are only few online casinos which accept 900pay, which makes it quite problematic to use.

Bottom line

Nice option however has its limitations and due to that rarely to be found.