Why some casinos are slow to pay?

Why some casinos slow pay?

Let’s say you joined an online casino, played a few games, won a bit and now you’d like to cash out some or all of your money. You’ll be surprised to find out that in this modern age we live in, certain online casinos are still slow when it comes to paying out customers.

There are three possible reasons for that: the first two are quite obvious. They are worrisome, but can be avoided easily. The third one however, is the real reason why we are here.

Reason #1 – The Poor

Just like in the case of human interactions, when someone is late in paying another person, an immediate assumption would be that this man or woman does not have the money. That’s something that can be expected from a low level / low funded online casino.

Most likely, they don’t have sufficient funds in specific payment method to cover the payout right away and be fast about it. They first need to transfer funds from their main account (usually their bank) and only when it arrives, they can pay out.

Here are two terms that can serve as a great indicator to low funded casino.


First, long pending period:

Second, low withdrawal limits:

Low Withdrawal Limits

The Bad News: 99% of those establishments will vanish without a notice.

The Good News: Those casinos are easy to avoid.

  • First, they are not fraudulent by their nature and usually the time frames will be posted on their site.
  • Second: if you can’t find any info about an online casino. It has almost zero online presence, no reviews or feedbacks – don’t be the first one to discover that it’s low on funds.

Reason #2 – The Incompetent

Another problem with a fair number of casinos is that they don’t employ enough personnel to carry out payouts fast enough. When the casino is low on work power, prepare to wait days for your money to be transferred and finally be at your disposal for further use.

As we explained on our home page, when the casino is of low quality, the department that is in charge of payouts is going to be its weakest link. That’s just how things work. They will do everything to get you to deposit: high bonuses, reasonable support, etc. The troubles begin when you try to cashout.  Slow response time, vague answers, transfers from one person to another – these are just some of the things you can expect.

The Good News: In most cases you will get paid.

The Bad News: Till then, your hair might turn grey and your children will start avoiding you in the hall.

Reason #3 – The Ugly

While these being real impediments and not the casino’s open intention to keep your money longer than necessary, there are those who will do exactly that. At some casinos that have long pending times the problem isn’t lack of funds or workforce, it is their intention to keep you waiting.

When it comes to gambling, we all might get “a bit” impatient.  If we feel that today is our lucky day – we are going to play and nothing, or almost nothing, can stop us. Casinos are perfectly aware of that and some of them use various delay tactics to make us reverse the withdrawal and bring the money back into the play.

Unfortunately, players usually fail in keeping their self-restraint after a day or two of waiting for the withdrawal to be completed, and some casinos have as much as 5-7 days of pending time. In these cases, believe it or not, more than 50% of withdrawal processes get reversed!

The table below shows you the percentage of executed withdrawals vs casino processing time. For example if the casino takes 3 days to process the cashout, 19% of the players will reverse their withdrawal.

Casino Withdrawals Chart

The Bad News: Those casinos are not easy to avoid. 

  • The info you will see on the site is usually misleading. When they write 5 days, it usually means 10. Lots of fine print rules, limits and so on.
  • They invest a lot of effort in creating false positive image. You will see plenty positive reviews, strong online presence, so it’s not easy to avoid them.

The Good News: All this information leads to one conclusion: stick to fast paying casinos and you’ll be fine. Of course we mean the ones that truly pay fast and not just write it on their banking page. Why risk losing both your patience and money? Look for trustworthy, high level online casinos that respect you as a customer and reward your loyalty with fast service.