The Benefits of Online Casinos

Online casinos offer several big advantages over traditional land based casinos.  The first and most obvious one is the utter convenience online casinos offer over their old fashioned counterpart.

Casinos before Internet

Las Vegas Flamingo Casino

It used to be that you would have to physically visit a casino to gamble at one, and everyone just took this for granted back then.  After all, prior to the internet, there just wasn’t any other way to do it.

This involved players traveling various distances, often vast distances, to be able to play.  So this involves expenses with travel, and even if it’s just across town, this does involve both time and money to get there. Sometimes, we just want to stay in Pajamas and play from the comfort of our home, right?

Once there, a number of additional expenses are racked up, and the visit may be anywhere from moderately expensive to very costly, depending on how far you have to travel, which may involve airfare, transportation, hotel rooms, restaurants, and the like.

Of course this is what is involved in a vacation, and a visit to a casino can be a nice vacation indeed.  Having to take a vacation, or even plan an event if you don’t have to travel so far, isn’t the most ideal situation though at best.

What about Online Casinos + Pajamas?

Online Casino in Pajamas

With online casinos, you simply log in and play, from wherever you are, at any time, and in a matter of seconds you can be enjoying your favorite casino games, on both your computer and mobile devices.

While online casinos cannot match the ambiance and social atmosphere of land based casinos, or the amenities, one may still travel to them if that’s what you are after.

If you are just looking to gamble though, online casinos can provide you with all the thrills you’re after, and you can even play at physical casinos through remote cameras these days if you wish.

You can pretty much find online casinos for players from all regions and game style: table games or slots fans. With enough research and care, you can find the best places around without moving from the comfort of your sofa (and while wearing your favourite pajamas!).

Here at, we selected the best casinos per region, taking in consideration their processing speed, games and bonus offer. US players are welcome to visit our US friendly casino section, while our European visitors can check our top European online casino listing.

If you Fancy a specific software platform, we also reviewed the best casino software and why not? the best casino payment methods.

Many Advantages to consider:

Online Casinos Are All About Increased Efficiency

Online Casino Efficiency

So in terms of the added cost involved, beyond your wagers, online casinos don’t even involve any, provided you have an internet connection and a device which connects to it.  This is a far cry from the extra money you will spend at a land based casino, apart from your wagers, which once again ranges from a meaningful amount to a very substantial amount.

A lot of people can’t even afford to go to a land based casino, and if they can, they can’t afford to go very often, because of the cost.  This is never an issue with online casinos.

The efficiencies also extend to the time you spend on gambling versus the time involved to prepare, with virtually all of the time engaged in online casino gambling being spent on the gambling.

Online casinos are also available 24/7, so there’s no need to ever worry about their being open.  It is as if both time and space become dissolved and what is left is a pure gambling experience upon demand from anywhere and at any time.

The added efficiency is also evident in the casino’s operation as well, as land based casinos are very expensive to build and operate, and this cost must be borne ultimately by players.  Online casinos are very cheap to operate in comparison, and the savings get passed on to their players in terms of better odds and better bonuses and rewards.

The efficiency of online competition will assure this is maintained, as online casinos do not compete on a local basis like land ones do.  The playing field with online gambling is worldwide, and the number of casinos that compete against each other for your gambling business is greatly magnified, which adds greatly to the efficiency of the market, meaning the best deals possible are out there for you to enjoy.

Online Casinos Offer More Games and Better Odds

Online Casino Games and Odds

Since it does cost real money to run land based casino games, they are limited in their offerings.  Only certain games will be offered at a limited amount of stakes.  Smaller players may not even be able to afford some of the games, for instance , the lowest stakes you will find at table games is $5 a bet, and this is as low as they can offer them and not lose money.

Online games cost virtually nothing to run though and this allows online casinos to roll out the lowest stakes, and a lot more variety of games as well.  The variety is actually only limited to the software, and more and more online casino software companies are emerging to extend the variety and quality even further. Did you check our reviews of NetEnt casino software, Betsoft platform and Microgaming? If you didn’t, you should…

When it comes to the house edge, land based casinos need to recover all that additional money that it costs them to run their casino, and this means that the house edge needs to be high enough to do that and also allow them a profit.

With online casinos, since the operating costs are far lower, they can offer considerably better odds to players, and they certainly do.  The fact that so many casinos are out there competing assures that the odds will be as good as you could ever see in fact.

We have certainly entered an entirely new era in casino gaming with the emergence of all of the online casino gambling that we can enjoy today.  While visiting land based casinos are still a lot of fun, for those just looking to gamble, online casinos are the ideal way to enjoy these games.


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