The History of Gambling

History of Gambling

Gambling Has Been Around Throughout Recorded History

It’s hard to say when humans first began placing wagers of some sort on things. This is what we commonly understand as gambling, right? “Betting on something” probably well predates history as we know it.

We do know though that it was around during the earliest periods of recorded history. For instance, a pair of dice was found in an Egyptian tomb, placed there around 3000 BC. It’s quite possible that these dice were used for gambling purposes.

The Great Wall of China and Gambling

Gambling was also thought to exist in China in the earlier years of recorded history as well.

There are also references to using wooden tiles to gamble as far back as 2300 BC.  This could have been the forerunner to the gambling game called Pai Gow. As you know, is still popular today, especially among Asian gamblers.

Keno also got its start in Ancient China as well. At that time, carrier pigeons were known to deliver the results of Keno draws to outlying areas.  Many of China’s public works projects of the day, including the Great Wall of China, are thought to have been funded in part at least from Keno revenues.

It’s not hard to imagine how gambling became popular, as it seems almost human nature to want to gamble.

Lottery style games have been especially popular over the years, getting their start from the game of Keno. This is still played today and is quite popular in modern casinos as well as at online gambling sites.  The appeal of larger winnings from a small stake provides a level of excitement that many find very appealing.

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Gambling in Ancient Greece and Rome – The Bible

Ancient Greek Astragali - Ancient gambling

Gambling was known to be around during the ages of Ancient Greece and Rome.  In those days, gambling for money was outlawed in Rome. This led to the invention of gambling chips: a way to disguise the real money that was being gambled for.

Dice games were the game of choice back then. Greek mythology has a story where dice were invented by a mythical hero, although dice had been around for quite a while prior to this.

The story in the Bible when Jesus visits a temple and breaks up a gambling game ended up having quite an impact on gambling in years to come.  The issue here seems to be the fact that they were gambling in the temple. But through the history this has been interpreted by many as evidence that gambling in general is sinful. Therefore it has impacted people’s beliefs and has served as an impediment to the acceptance of gambling.

Modern Gambling Begins to Take Shape

The first playing cards are thought to have originated in China in the ninth century. Some believe them to be a paper form of dominos, which had been around in China for a long time. They were used for gambling.  Once playing cards hit the scene, this gave people another easy implement to gamble with.

In the 15th century, the first of what are considered to be modern casino games first emerged. Baccarat was first invented in Italy, and then spread to France, where it really caught on.  Baccarat is a card based casino card game that is still very popular today, especially with high rollers.

The Spanish brought us the card game of Ventiuna, or 21, in the early 17th century. Other games such as roulette followed.

The 17th century saw casinos opening in Italy. People could now go to an establishment to enjoy several of the popular gambling games of the day.

Casinos Spread to Europe and North America

History of Gambling Casino Montmartre

This led to casinos being spread to other countries in Europe. Are you wondering which online casinos are available in Europe? Check our article with Europe Casinos with Fast Payouts.

When North America became colonized, the colonists brought gambling with them.  While gambling was frowned upon in many areas of America, there was still some going on even in the most conservative areas. It was much more popular in the frontier areas, as well as in New Orleans and up and down the Mississippi River.

New Orleans was a gambling hub in its earlier days, and brought us the first form of modern poker.  Although similar games have been played elsewhere, as far back as the 17th century, the game as we know it got its birth in 19th century Louisiana.

Poker became very popular on the American frontier as well. The more progressive view of gambling in the American West led to Nevada legalizing gambling once again, this time for good, in 1931.  One of their casinos ran a promotion with the game of 21 where they offered a 10 to 1 payout for making 21 with a black ace and a black jack. This led to the game itself being called blackjack.

Better technology brought us the first mechanical slot machines, which became a big hit among casino goers.  These machines evolved into what is now the most popular form of gambling and they dominate both land based and online casino play.

Gambling Today

Modern gambling has become both more prevalent and more regulated.  The lottery is now one of the biggest forms of gambling out there, and is operated by many governments who use the proceeds for various projects.

Land based casinos are still out there in force. Gambling at a land based casino offers a unique and immersive experience that cannot be matched by gambling on an electronic device. You can also enjoy casinos offering other forms of entertainment as well as a resort experience.

Many areas how have casinos within driving distance of a lot of people. The business continues to grow overall as the years go by, by delivering easier and easier access to people.

A lot of people also plan their vacations around visiting casinos, and Las Vegas continues to be the most popular tourist destination in the world, in spite of all the casinos that have opened up elsewhere.

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Finally, Online Gambling

History of Gambling Online

The coming of online gambling saw access to gambling explode. Nowadays anyone with a computer or other device and an internet connection can gamble at various internet sites for real money, any time, from anywhere.

For some people the experience of gambling online isn’t quite as rich as gambling at a physical location.  But I have to disagree… You still get the gambling part, the excitement of risking and winning money by betting. Plus convenience. Who didn’t think about playing in pajamas? Don’t lie!

So online gambling has been very popular, in spite of the desire of governments for people to not play it. Or maybe play it on their approved sites which allows them to tax it and get a piece of the action. This happens with land based gambling.

Online gambling has essentially removed borders though. Provided that an online site will accept players from your area, you are good to go and get gamble to their heart’s content. There’s no good way for anyone to stop you from enjoying yourself this way on the internet.

This has been expanded to now include online gambling on mobile devices, which as truly extended the reach of gambling to anywhere, anytime.

So it might have taken 5000 years or perhaps even longer, but gambling has now reached the pinnacle of being able to serve people in a very efficient way.

My 2 Cents

Gambling can be found through all human history. It seems to be part of our human nature. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely against gambling excesses, but I do believe that betting is fun. Gambling is fun when you play with caution and responsibility.

That’s why we made this casino site: to show you the Best Online Casinos with fastest payouts. You can trust the casinos we listed, since they are proven safe and trustworthy. Since you are smart enough to inform yourself before choosing a gambling destination, you will be alright.

Online gambling is here to stay. There is no reason why this will not continue. So here we are, in the times of the internet. From my point of view, online casinos have a lot to offer and many times I prefer to gamble online. I can play when I want and what I want…. don’t need to get ready for it. I love playing in my pajamas!

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