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Did you hear about the CashToCode vouchers? They allow you to make instant deposits at your favourite gambling venues, without involving your financial information. If you value your privacy and live in Europe, stay with me while we go over Cashtocode casinos key points. Why? Because this method may work well for you.

CashtoCode is a unique online payment method that will actually allow players to make deposits to their casino accounts using cash. The system doesn’t require users to sign up for any kind of account and provides a solid layer of privacy when making deposits at online casinos, sports betting sites, and even online lotteries.

The system literally allows you to use cash to fund your casino account. There’s no need to link bank accounts or provide any sort of credit or debit card information in order to use CashtoCode.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how CashtoCode works, where it is available, and both the advantages and disadvantages of using CashtoCode to handle banking transactions with your favourite online casino(s). By the time we’re done, you should have a clear idea of whether or not CashtoCode casinos are the right choice for you.

🚫 Best CashToCode Casinos USA for 2023

CashToCode is a regional banking method that only works throughout Europe. Here you can find our top rated casinos with the fastest payouts in USA, they don’t support CashToCode deposits, but you can still find the most popular payment options available in your country.

  • Ignition
    Bonus Offer Up to $3,000
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States
    Withdrawal Speed
    • E-wallets: N/A.
    • Crypto: 24hs.
    • Credit Cards: N/A.
    • Wire: 5-10 days.
    Cashout Limits $10 – $9,500 every 15 min.
    Available Payment Methods
    • +1
    • BTC: Payouts in 24hs.
    • Cashable bonuses.
    • Poker, live dealer, casino.
    • BTC: no cashout limits.
    • Hot Drop Jackpots.
  • CasinoMax
    Bonus Offer Up to $9,750 + $40 NDB
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States
  • Cafe Casino
    Bonus Offer 350% up to $2,500
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States
  • Casino Extreme
    Bonus Offer Up to $5,000 + $50 NDB
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States
  • Super Slots casino
    Bonus Offer Up to $6,000
    Available Countries United States Accepts players from United States

📘 What Is CashtoCode?

CashtoCode is a fairly unique system. It can’t be classified as an e-wallet or even a gift card system. A CashtoCode transaction will be initiated online but completed at a brick-and-mortar retail location. It may not be a terribly convenient way to pay for something online, but the system does allow anyone with cash in their hand to pay and transfer money to an online recipient.

How does it Work?

The basic process involves retrieving a generated code from the casino where you’d like to add funds and taking that code to a CashtoCode retail location. You’ll actually make your payment at the retail location using whatever payment method is convenient — including cash — and that payment will then be credited to the online account for which the code was generated.

CashtoCode was originally founded to serve consumers in Germany and Austria. Since its inception, however, the company’s service area has expanded to other European countries including the United Kingdom, Greece, and Italy. There are currently more than 100,000 retail locations throughout Europe that will assist you with CashtoCode transactions.

✅ Advantages Of CashtoCode Casinos

Cashtocode Casinos Advantages

No Credit Card nor Bank Account Needed

CashtoCode’s biggest advantage is the fact that it makes it possible for anyone to fund their online casino account without the need for any type of credit or debit card or a bank account. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a card or an eligible bank account, or if you just don’t want to share that information with anyone online. With CashtoCode, you can fund your casino account as quickly and easily as going to the store and buying a pack of gum.

Maintain your Privacy

There are very few casino deposit methods that offer users such a high level of financial privacy. Since the actual payment is made at a retail location, players can choose to pay in cash—with complete anonymity—or use any other payment method that the particular store accepts.

Instant Deposits with Cash

CashtoCode transactions are also credited instantly to your casino account once you make your payment. You’ll be able to use your money to play your favourite games right away.

Retail Store Availability

CashtoCode also makes it very easy for users to find a retail location where they can make payment for their transactions. Just visit the company website and scroll to the bottom to find a convenient search box. You can type in your address, city, or let the site grab your location from your browser, and you’ll be shown retail locations closest to you.

CashToCode Casinos Special Bonuses

In addition to everything above, players can also pick up special bonuses from time to time. CashtoCode was designed specifically to work with online gambling sites and because of that, they occasionally run special offers that include everything from bonus cash to free spins on popular slots. If you don’t mind giving them your email address, they’ll send you regular updates with bonus offers and other information.

❎ Disadvantages Of Using CashtoCode

The CashtoCode system works very well at fulfilling the function for which it was designed. It, however, is probably not the most convenient payment available to most people.

Physical Purchases

By design, the system requires you to go to a retail location to complete your payment. So, even though payments are credited instantly to casino accounts, you are not going to be paying and playing instantly. The complete process of making a deposit is going to take a fairly significant amount of time from start to finish. Exactly how much time it will take will depend on how close or far you happen to be from a retail location that works with CashtoCode.

No Withdrawals

The second disadvantage, as you may have already guessed, is that CashtoCode only works in one direction. You can make deposits, but you will not be able to make a withdrawal from your online casino account using this system. Because of the way the system is designed, you’ll be able to maintain complete privacy when sending money, but that very same privacy also makes it impossible for you to receive money from anyone.

Need to Pre Generate a Code

The actual process of sending a payment with CashtoCode may also prove to be too inconvenient for some players. Unlike a gift card type payment system, where you can buy a card whenever you like and then use it later, CashtoCode requires you to generate a code first and then go to a store to pay. We’ll explain this in more detail below.

How To Set Up A CashtoCode Account

As we mentioned above, there is no need to set up an account to use CashtoCode to make a deposit at any online casino. In fact, you can’t set up a CashtoCode account. There is no option to do so.

Cashtocode Homepage

The closest thing to having an account would be to sign up for the bonus newsletter mentioned above. To use the system you just have to be in an area where there are retail payment locations nearby. There is nothing more to it.

🏦 Casino Deposits And Withdrawals With CashtoCode

To be clear, as we mentioned above, CashtoCode can only be used to deposit money at an online casino. You won’t be able to withdraw funds using this system.

If you plan to deposit money at an online casino using CashtoCode, you should first make sure that the casino also offers some type of withdrawal method that will work for you.

The actual process of making a deposit is fairly simple but may be a bit time-consuming. A CashtoCode deposit must be initiated online before going to a retail establishment to make a payment.

How to Make a Deposit at CashtoCode Casinos

To make a CashtoCode deposit at your favourite online casino:

  • Go to the casino’s cashier/banking page
  • Select CashtoCode as your deposit method
  • Enter the amount of money you’d like to deposit
  • Obtain the generated scan code from the casino
  • Take the scan code to a retail location and make payment

To explain with a bit more clarity; When you elect to make a deposit at a casino with CashtoCode, you’ll receive a scannable barcode. You’ll then need to take that barcode to a nearby CashtoCode retail location. The cashier will scan the barcode just as if you were buying any other product at the store and ask you for payment. As soon as the payment is completed, your deposit amount will be credited to the casino.

How to Speed Up the Process

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. The process, however, works in reverse when compared to other similar payment methods. You can not go to the store and make a CashtoCode payment and then go home and use it. You must initiate the process online first, then go to the store and make the payment.

If possible, the fastest way to use the system would most likely be to initiate the transaction through a smartphone or tablet while you are either at or close to a CashtoCode retail location. In that case, you could initiate the transaction, get the code, and make the payment within a few minutes. You’d then be able to use your funds for some casino fun either right away or at any later time without any further hassle.

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