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Playing free casino games is definitely a fun way to pass time, although it cannot be compared to the real thing. (We have a nice metaphor for that, but we prefer not to use it on our site).

Also, besides the fun part, there are few advantages to checking the game in free mode before playing it for real money. Here are few things worth paying attention to:

  • The most obvious: playing for free is a good way to check if you like the game style before you actually sign in to a casino. And we don’t necessarily mean that particular game, but the software provider. Most casino software developers have their own unique style, so by checking 1 or 2 games you can know what they are up to.
  • Rules and Payouts: doesn’t matter which is game is your favorite, slots, blackjack, video poker or baccarat, it’s highly important that you check the rules, features and payouts of the game you intend to place money on. Slots RTP varies from as low as 75% to the loosest ones with 97-98% return. Same with Blackjack, some have low house edge, while the others will eat your balance in now time. Know the game before you bet.
  • Game flow and Volatility: this is particulary important for slots players. You need to see how wild is the ride (and that the RTP alone won’t tell you). Some slots tend to allow long playtime, but almost no big wins. The others can go on long loosing streaks, but when they pay, they pay. Playing in fun mode is the perfect way to get the feeling of it, so you will know how to manage your bankroll.

That’s it. Below you can find a list of free casino games to play on our site, no registration and no download required.

Have Fun!

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