Casino Bonus Checker

Here you can find a simple tool we developed, which will help you to analyse any casino bonus and see if it’s actually worth using.

Short preview: when it comes to bonuses, the casino players can be split into two groups: 90% which think that casino bonuses are always great and 10% which know that actually it’s the other way around.

If you belong to the second group – you can just go ahead. The tool below will help you not just see how much you need to wager a specific bonus, but also what are the expected returns, possible profit or loss, and even the rating in comparison to industries average.

If you belong to the group that believes that all bonuses are good: First, you shouldn’t feel guilty for missing something that everybody knows. You’re not. You still have that innocent spirit (and I say that with utmost jealousy) that believes that when someone tells you something is good, it’s so.

However, please trust me on that one – I’ve been working in online casinos; I’ve managed casino marketing department and been an independent advisor – 80% of casinos bonuses are determinantal to your winnings odds.

Of course, I haven’t checked every single casino online, but I do not exaggerate. Actually, I think it might be even worse, since personally, I never look at a casino which at least seems decent. I don’t even want to know what kind of crap goes below that level.

Of course, if you do not care about winning and just want to get more play time, then you can take any bonus you like. It doesn’t matter. But if you do wish to have a chance “to go home” with some cash, you should stick to the ones that give you the best odds.

And the good news is: there are enough superb bonuses out there and you really don’t need to do much to discover them. Obviously, it’s better to understand the logic behind them, and we explained that profoundly on our cashable casino bonuses page, so you are welcome to check it out. But it’s not a must. You can just feel in the details of the specific casino you’ve chosen and get the idea if this particular promo is worth taking.

If you are a bit lazy, here are the best casino bonuses online in terms of winning odds. For those that are not familiar with all the terms, below you can find a short explanation about each one and also where it usually can be found on casino sites. 

Casino Bonus Terms

Deposit amount: Means the amount you wish to deposit. Make sure that you don’t go below the maximum amount for the bonus, cause that will lower your odds. For example if the offer is 200% up to $200 – you should deposit up to $100 to make the maximum use of the bonus.

Bonus %: self-explanatory.

Wagering Requirements: the amount of wagers you need to make in order to be elidgable for withdrawals. The number comes as a multiplier of either your bonus or bonus + deposit. For example if the bonus is 100% up to $100, with WR of (bonus+deposit)x20. If you make a deposit of $100, you will need to place $4000 worth of bets. This number usualy can be found on the promotions page below and usually goes like: “We ask you to wager the amount of the bonus thirty times (30) before requesting a withdrawal

Game Contribution: when it comes to wagering requirements, not all games are equal. Some games, usually it’s blackjack, craps and so on, will contribute only partially to WR. For example if the contribution is 50%, that means that for each $ you bet, only 50 cents will be counted towards the WR. This term will usually appear on the general casino Terms & Conditions page and goes something like:

Game RTP %: Each game has a certain expected life time return. That means that if you make a billion spins on a certain slot machine, and the RTP is 97%, on average you will get back 97 cents for every $1 bet. Of course, it doesn’t work that way for 100, 1000 or even 100,000 spins, but it’s still something important to consider. We wrote a lot about that in our articles about Best Paying Slot Machines and Is it Possible to Make Money Playing Slots.

Same in regard to any other casino game. For example, each blackjack variation has a certain house edge, and it’s important to know it before you start.

Cashable vs Sticky: one of the most important casino bonus terms. Cashable means that after you complete the WR, you will be able to withdraw the bonus funds. Sticky, or Phantom, means that the bonus amount will be deducted prior to withdrawal. In general, we recommend to stick only to cashable bonuses.

The casino must state that the bonus is not cashable. It will usually go like: “All deposit bonuses are for wagering purposes only and may not be withdrawn.”

Bonus Funds Separate: that is a quite unique term and found only in few online casinos. That means that first you play just with your deposited funds, and when/if they end, you switch to bonus funds. If you are lucky to win before you use these extra money, you can return the bonus and withdraw your winnings, without the need to complete the wagering. That’s great feature, so we hope more casinos adopt it in the future.

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